Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Busyness of Doing Nothing

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hey folks, just checking in from the cottage again.  It has been really busy around here as we do nothing, and the kids and I are loving it!

Michelle was back to work yesterday but she was able to come back up and join us for dinner and a campfire before heading back to town this morning.  She'll be back up for the weekend tomorrow evening, so don't feel too bad for her Smile

Do you find that when you settle down to relax and enjoy some down time that you end up being really "busy"?  That you end up being exhausted by the end of the day?  That's what I feel like these days…and I'm not complaining because I love it.  The last month has been pretty crazy at work for me, so this week off came at the perfect time.  My personal life has been jam-packed as well as it has seemed between Michelle, the kids and I we always have something going on every night of the week.  Throw in a couple of triathlons to take up our weekends and it has been go go go for a while.  I honestly haven't even had time to read let alone comment on my favourite blogs and I don't even have time to double-tap in Instagram!  But this week things have slowed down to a much more sustainable pace…much needed.

There is something so refreshing about sitting on the porch with a drink and a book (well, a magazine I guess…I need to find some new books to read!).  It is my favourite way to recharge my batteries.  Here's my view from yesterday afternoon…it is safe to say that I've found my beach Winking smile


I also managed to get out for a nice run on the beach as well…my first run in almost a week!  Normally I go crazy when I 'm not able to get my running in, but this break was fine with me.  Just long enough that it wasn't hard picking it up again.  I'll get back out for another beach run once this post is published.


Part of my job running on the beach is checking out how the lake looks…yesterday was a little rough so we didn't have a chance to get out on the boat.  Hopefully today will be better and the kids and I can get out on the water again!


In preparation for more boat launches, I went down to the other end of the beach yesterday and picked up my tractor.  Yup, you read that correctly…tractor.  The beach up here doesn't have a proper boat launch, but you are able to just drive your vehicle right into the water and dump your boat.  So even though this is what our vehicles look like…


…and either one would be quite capable of splashing around in the lake a little bit, but I would rather not risk ruining my vehicle.  We have seen plenty of people get seriously stuck in the soft sand and have water flood their interiors, so it just isn't worth it.  So like many other people up here we have an antique tractor to do the dirty work.  In our case, it's a 1945 Massey-Harris…check out this beauty;


I know y'all can picture me sitting up there cruising along with a cowboy hat and a shoot of grass between my teeth!  I'm in Hillbilly Heaven when I'm driving this thing…

Well I guess I should wrap this up and get that run in…the day is calling!  I promise I'll get back into the blogs soon, maybe even while sipping a drink on my porch this afternoon…I miss hearing about what's going on in your lives!

Blogger friends, what's one thing I've missed from you this past week?

Do you ever get busy doing nothing??
I highly recommend it.


  1. Ahh the sweetness of doing of my favorite things to do at the end of the work day is come home and plop down on my couch with my favorite show (and maybe a glass of wine). haha Being busy does make you appreciate your down time a LOT more! I love it!

  2. do u run barefoot on the sand (beach) or in shoes i have never run at a beach. it must be really hard ? good for foot strengthening lol

  3. Sitting on the porch with a book (or magazine) and a drink sounds absolutely perfect!!
    And, I'm totally picturing you on that tractor like Pauly Shore in Son-in-Law - just blast Thank God I'm a Country Boy!!!

  4. Kristi@BlogforanAverageRunnerAugust 7, 2014 at 9:27 AM

    OMG, seeing that tractor brought back memories. I spent all of my teen years working at a riding stable and for a couple of years I drove a tractor very similar to that. Problem was the brake required a huge amount of weight to actually stop the thing. I would have to stand on the brake to make it work. One time I still couldn't get it to stop and had to run it into a fence post :)
    Enjoy your down time!

  5. It's great being just a little lazy sometimes!

  6. Ya it's a bit harder running on the beach...the ground is soft in spots, hard in others, and the terrain is always changing. Every step is different! I just wear my regular shoes

  7. Leave it to you to put John Denver in my head Kim! I love that song...and nice Pauly Shore reference, buuuuddy :)

  8. Wow, I hope the fence was okay :D
    The brake on mine is pretty useless basically need to stand on it and hope for the best!