Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Date Night With Federico Fellini

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Halfway through the week and life is getting back to normal with both kids around again.  Kennedy had a great time at camp but it is nice having her back home…next week is another story though as she enjoyed herself so much that we've signed her up again!  She'll be back at camp next week to enjoy her final week of summer holidays before school starts back up.  We got a great deal too as a returning camper, with 60% off!  She's an awesome kid and she deserves to have fun and just be a kid…Michelle and I give her a lot of responsibilities and she always lives up to them, so it's nice to be able to reward her sometimes as well.

Girls Week-B1-XL

While things are "back to normal", Michelle and I had a nice treat ourselves last night as well.  Michelle's sister offered to take the kids over night so that the cousins could all have a sleepover and play all day before meeting up at grandma's for dinner on Wednesday.  So that meant a night out!  We decided to put the top down on the Jeep and drive nearly an hour out of town to visit one of our favourite little restaurants in Stratford.


This is actually the place that I took Michelle the night I proposed to her, 15 years ago this month.  We had a nice dinner, getting to enjoy some nice adult conversation without nosey kids around, and then went for a walk along the river.  Michelle went for the Lobster Linguine Arribiata while I tried the Linguini Quinoa.  We both really enjoyed our meals and will both likely enjoy them again today for lunch Winking smile

photo 3

During our walk I snapped this pic from one of the storefronts…Kennedy loves wearing her nerd glasses so I knew she had to see this.  Not quite Kermit, but she'll love it nonetheless.

photo 1

After our walk we popped into Starbucks to grab drinks for the drive home and off we went.  We were barely out of town when we noticed the lightening off in the sky ahead of us…I decided to pull over and get the Jeep all zipped up before we got soaked, and wouldn't you know it the skies opened as soon as I started putting the windows back in…I got a little wet but all was good (meaning Michelle stayed dry!).  It was a cool ride home watching the lightening illuminate the night sky…very pretty.

photo 2

More good runs again this week…Monday saw an 8+ mile runch while I was able to get out yesterday and get in 6.5 miles on a new route, which turned out to be a lot hillier than I had expected!  The humidity has really been building here this week and yesterday was super muggy…it actually rained during my run but you would never know it.  The roads and sidewalks were bone dry 10 minutes later.  Not the most fun conditions to run in, but at least it "feels" like summer.

What's your favourite little restaurant?


  1. I love little restaurants that aren't part of a chain. Our favorite one here is The Row House - they do a tasting menu so you get several courses which is always fun!!!

  2. That's great that you were able to get a night out the two of you! Also very cool K gets another week at camp, I'm sure she is super excited. Right now my favorite restaurant is TRATA here in Rochester, they have great food and wonderful wine and beer selections too