Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting My Mileage Back

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

It was another nice weekend at the CheapRunner cottage despite Saturday's rainy weather.  The temperatures were a little bit on the cool side, but we made the most of it.

Jackson and I started our weekend off by heading up to Camp to pick up Kennedy…he sure was happy to see his big sister again!

photo 1

It was very much a family-oriented weekend as Michelle's sister and her family as well as Michelle's mom came up to stay over on Friday night and my Aunt and her granddaughter.  We had some great meals and enjoyed hanging out around the campfire and taking shelter on the porch when the rain came (cards anyone?).

The Friday night campfire was a lot of fun as one of my buddies at the cottage stopped by with his harmonicas and I got my guitar out to play a few old tunes…always fun jammin'.  My brother-in-law plays guitar as well, so Michelle grabbed my other guitar and we had a real jam session going.  We were rockin' by the fire until the wee hours and had a great time.

photo 2

The weather was much nicer on Sunday…still on the cool side but nice and sunny!  The kids went down to the beach and even got in the water for a bit, but it was pretty windy down at the shore.  After a little while they decided to go play up in the dunes where they were sheltered from the wind…it was much warmer up there!  Kennedy showed her cousin the climbing tree and they both made like little monkeys while Jackson ran up and down the dunes.

photo 3

I only had one running goal for the weekend and that was to go out and get a long run in.  I haven't been doing anything "long" in a while, so that meant 10 miles would work for my long run.  I went out after breakfast on Sunday morning and enjoyed a beautiful run…cool and sunny, just perfect running conditions.  What better way to enjoy 10 miles than byu running them along the shore down at the beach??


I ended up logging nearly 70km (40+ miles) this past week, and it was actually my highest mileage week this year, just a little more than when I ran the Goofy Challenge in January!  The legs are feeling good and the speed is still there, now I just need to be careful and make sure not to add too much distance too soon and risk hurting myself…feels good getting some good miles in though!  Almost makes me want to start some marathon training again (almost --- I think Michelle would kill me if I dropped that on her right now Smile)

Anyone get to thye beach this weekend?

What do you consider your long run to be these days?


  1. Nice 10 miles! I did 10 this weekend too.

  2. I bet Kennedy had lots of stories about her week at camp!!!
    Over the next week I'm trying to get as many 10-12 miles runs in as I can (I would prefer some longer runs but time isn't working out for that)

  3. Heidi @ Idlehide BlogAugust 18, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    Jackson is adorable!! :) My long run last week was 20.4km (an hour ad 45 minute run) I am following a plan that gives me timed runs so I never know how far I'll go, it's kind of exciting:)

  4. Attagirl! Way to get those miles in!

  5. Oh ya, she had all kinds of stories to tell us!
    Sounds like some great runs ahead for you Kim, have fun :)

  6. Great run Heidi! That's a good plan, running to time...maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

  7. Nice job getting some more miles in, nice to see miles AND family time (something I truly admire about you and and family balance)