Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welcome to our First Post!

Posted by 3cheaprunners
The first post.  The one to kick it all off.  What to say?  Should I share our mission statement or something?  Wait, do we have a mission statement?  Mmm, negative.  Oh well, I guess we'll just see where this blog takes us.

Basically what we want to do here is share our stories with anyone that is willing to take the time to listen to us.  We are three longtime friends that all have very different running histories and backgrounds.  We feel that we each have our own unique outlook on things yet we also share many common interests.  One of those common interests is a love of running shoes!  We are all seriously obsessed with them, to the point that one of us has confessed to the others that they regularly dream about their running shoes!

For us there is no greater thrill than running a shoes we got on sale!!  Our goal is to pass on our shoe shopping tips (and other running gear too, we love all things run-related) to you as our thanks for the time you spend following us.  Wait a minute, that sounds like a mission statement...

Happy running, we'll talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. Well said! I dream about running shoes too! Glad I am not the only one! Looking forward to all the posts to come!