Friday, April 26, 2013


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There are 2 different types of Apps I want to talk about today.

The first one being a new app I downloaded to my iPhone this week, called "Nike Training Club". (I will do a full review on it at a later time as I haven't actually tried it out yet.) I love, love, love running, however, I know that cross training and doing other forms of exercise is important so I have been trying to incorporate other things into my routine. When sister M was over the other night she told me about this app, so I immediately downloaded it. I navigated through it to see what it is all about and I must say, it looks really good and I can't wait to start trying it out.

First, you choose your goal, lots of goal options, I chose "Get Lean"

Next, you choose your Fitness Level, based on how many times a week you workout, I chose "Advanced"

Next, you choose what type of workout you would like (you can see how long they are beside the type), I chose "The Heartthrob" (30 min, surely 30 min will be easy enough to get through and easy to squeeze that somewhere in my day)

Next, it will show you at the top of the workout, what you need for the workout, followed by the different exercises you will be doing. There were 28 sets in this workout and it shows you beside each one, how long they will take.

Last step, is to get started! You see a video and have a countdown with each exercise.

All around this looks like it is going to be my new favorite app for my iPhone and I can't wait to get started with these workouts! Stay tuned for an updated review.
In the meantime, has anyone tried this app out? Any tips or advice on it?
Okay, so I said there were 2 different types of apps I wanted to talk about today. Anyone guess what the second kind is??
Thats right, the kind that you eat! I love appetizers and I especially love it when they are half price! Kelsey's at Wonderland and Oxford (not sure if all locations offer this) has half price appetizers after 8pm. Sister C and I decided to indulge in some last night. This was of course after we worked up an appetite scoping out some deals at the mall for a couple of hours. It was also cheap beer night so we may have had some beer too! What? We were thirsty!


We asked a server to take our pic and this is what we got
Very blurry and he said, it was a nice picture. We tried for take 2 with a different server
And they cut Char out of the pic...
So, we just decided to take our own.
Anyways, my experience with Apps has been pleasant this week so I thought I would share with you all. I actually think it is going to continue tonight..... I think a date with CRM, CRM, J and appetizers is in the plans for tonight!
Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. I actually have this iPhone app...and I really like's a good workout for sure!