Friday, April 5, 2013

Upcoming Races and Cheap Latenight Eats

Posted by CheapRunnerMike
I decided a little while ago that my 2013 goal was to run my first marathon, specifically Chicago.  Step 1 of that goal is complete, registration.  Lets just say that Chicago registration may turn out to be harder than the race itself...was quite the process.  Step 2 of the goal is in progress as I build my mileage up and also compete in my first Half Marathon, which was supposed to be at the Forest City Road Races on April 28.  I've been really happy with my progress so far and even managed to cover the HM distance on a run up at the cottage on Easter weekend (in 1:36:06 yay!).
Well that got me thinking.  Usually a dangerous thing.  I'm running the 10K next weekend in the Run for Retina, and they also offer a Half Marathon...why don't I see if I can switch my 10K entry over to the Half??  So I sent an email to see if I could move over, and instantly received a reply that I was now entered in the Half!  I was excited but also a bit worried...I mean I have never actually raced in a Half Marathon and now I was registered to run two in a span of three weeks.  Motto of the story, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

So as I stayed home last night to feed and bath the kiddies, Michelle and Rhoda (the other two Cheap Runners) went out to see what the latest deals were at Lululemon and then hit up Kelsey's for some half-price apps.  I think they had a successful night, nabbing some good deals on running skirts, and I'm pretty sure they had a good time after at Kelsey's...what do you think?

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