Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's All About Support

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Boys consider yourself warned, that you may not want to read much further today.

So not only do I have a slight obsession with collecting running shoes, but my sports bra collection is right up there too.

As quoted here

"Sports bras may be the unsung heroes of your workout gear"

I currently have 2 favourites right now, the 1st is the Lululemon Athletica Flow Y II bra

Although this style is labelled as a low impact bra, I really find it super comfy to run in. It keeps the girls in place (obviously the most important job of any sports bra), and offers just the right amount of support.


- comes is cute colours (totally the #1 reason to buy something)
- keeps everything under spillage under or over
- fabric/construction/fit...lulu does it right


-'s a little pricy at $42...but anyone who has ever tried lulu can tell you it's worth the $ you spend
- I have it in 2 colours - my solid black one is fine, but my grey/black one, the seam on the front right hand strap rubs/chaff's my skin every longer run I wear it

My 2nd favourite is the C9 seamless by Champion

I read a review a few month's back in Women's Running Magazine, about how this style is ideal for a "B" cup, I am a "D" cup and find this bra a very suitable fit


- again the literally comes in at least 10 "hot" colours at a time
- the price @ $16.99 (US) or $19.99 (CAN), you won't find a better value for your buckaroo's
- seamless
- comfort
- adjustable straps
- straps do not dig into your shoulders like other sports bras can do


- if you follow the sizing guide on the bra, you may find that the elastic under the girls is not snug enough, and may therefore ride up during your run. Make sure to try it on, and do some jumping jacks in the fitting room to check the size

Great support comes in various forms, and just one of those is our sports bras...another one is the people we choose to surround ourselves with - and the support they provide in our running journeys.

Do the people in your life "support" your running/fitness journey? or do you just go about it on your own?

Ok...this just wouldn't be a CRM post if I didn't update you a bit on my day

J and I met my SIL and her kids at the park...just when we were packing up to head home for lunch CRM ran into us (literally)

CRR, the kids and I headed over to the US Tuesday night to pick-up these babies

And enjoyed a little silly time while we waited for our din din at BWW

What is your favourite form of support?

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  1. Love the Champion Sports Bras. I have one it at least every color!