Saturday, April 13, 2013

To Fuel or Not to Fuel?

Posted by Anonymous
Fuel? Is it necessary for a long run?
So far, my training to date has not included using any sort of fuel other than the surplus supply that my body carries around…. As I am increasing my mileage I am noticing that I bonk out more and I might need to consider giving in to some of the advice I have read and heard about fueling. I decided I would try some out this week on my long run. Goal was to run 24 km.

Pre-Run fuel was this-not the best choice

I usually have one of these but I forgot one at home and found the Mr. Noodles stashed in my desk.

I picked up some Clif Shot Gel this week.

These are $1.49 each at Sport Chek.  They only had these 2 kinds so I thought I would try a couple of each.

Last night, I ran 24 km. I ran it on the treadmill, which counts in miles so I will switch over to mile talk.  I had 1/2 Razz Gel at mile 5, I know that is a little early in a run but I was feeling that bonking out.  It did give me a pick me up and I was feeling pretty good.  At mile 10 I had the other 1/2 and that was good to get me to the end.  I was really feeling like quitting at mile 14 but pushed it through to the end of mile 15-completing the 24 km I set out to do.
I feel like the gel did me good so I think I will continue to try them during runs like this.

As for tonight? I plan on doing a little refueling with this...

Have a great Saturday night everyone!


  1. Good job on the 24K Rhodes! I use the Gu gels on my long runs, they work good for me. May try out these Clif gels too...I have used the Clif Shot Blocks and they were good.

  2. Enjoy your "re-fueling" at the cottage :)
    Looking forward to our run tomorrow night together!!!

  3. Yes me too! I think we should start a Sunday tradition!