Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking Can Be Dangerous

Posted by Anonymous
So, I have been thinking a lot lately about when I should attempt my first full marathon... I ran my first half April 2012, after training diligently for a year.

Forest City Road Race Half Marathon 2012
Finish time 1:41:33 (my PR to date)
After that race, I felt so good but could still only think about running half's. At that point, I had a mental block about running a full.

Since that first race I have completed two more half marathon races and ran the distance about a dozen times,or more, in training. I am also signed up, so far, for this year's Forest City Road Race Half Marathon in London, ON (April 28), and the Niagara Fall's Women's Half Marathon (June 2).

As the months went on and I was still running a lot, I said to myself that I should really consider doing a full some day, so I decided that my goal would be to do one before I turn 40 (a lil over 5 years away).

Am I being too easy on myself? That should be more than enough time to train, eh?

I know I get lazy and comfortable doing what I can already do, so do I perhaps need to push myself? Should I make this year the year?? Am I ready???

So you see now how thinking can be dangerous!


  1. 5 years? You can do one this year for sure, you're ready!

    1. Maybe the Hamilton Marathon in November... Its also a qualifier for Boston, so maybe....Boston, next year?? lol kidding.