Saturday, April 27, 2013

Excitement and Envy

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Running is something that has definitely become a very consuming thing in my life. It is something (in one form or another) that I am always thinking about. When I am not running, I read, plan, daydream and talk about it...if you're in my life and not a runner...sorry...admitting that you have a problem is the first step right?!?

One big thing that I have learned while taking running more seriously over the last year is that it is soooo important to be your own biggest cheerleader. Be proud of what you are accomplishing, and don't worry about that runner that just ran by you - you are on your own journey, and only competing with your mind and body to see how far it will take you...and it's ok to be a little "cocky" too. In the Run for Retina race the other week, I heard some lady behind me in agony asking her friend that she was running with "how do people run any further than this? This sucks - how do people do it?" If I would have been a closer to her, I wanted to tell her that if it were easy everyone would be doing it, but they are not and you are - so celebrate it!

This is where my envy comes in. When I am reading about running, that usually means reading through my favourite blogs, and I would be lying if I didn't admit to being just a teeny weeny bit jealous of all the time they have to run everyday, and travel every weekend to run. Which got me thinking, us runners, we are pretty strange creatures, and if you are not one of us, you will never understand what / and why we will PAY to put our bodies through....upwards of $200 buckaroos to run a race (you read that right - that's what CRM Chicago Marathon entry fee was for this year)...and not only do we pay - we get EXCITED to run these crazy distances...all to feel like death after a race. So what exactly are we paying for? This girl said it best in one of her post's;

"...(others) always ask me why I would pay so much to race. I tell them it is for the one gatorade in total I drink, a shirt I never wear, porta potty lines and the opportunity for blood blisters and to not be able to walk for at least a week. As runners we are a special breed."

Speaking of EXCITED, if you have checked out our up-coming runs, you'll have seen that CRM and I are doing the Tower of Terror 10 miler in October

...and yesterday we booked our hotel for the trip! This will be our 1st trip to Disney without the kiddo's and I know they are totally going to be angry jealous when we go.


Finally got out on this yesterday

Nice easy ride into work...but I totally pooped out and got CMR to pick me up after work


Us 3CheapRunners went out for a date last night - to talk about what else....running :), and to have a few of these

We are off today to pick up our race bibs and packets for tomorrow's Forest City Road Races - will we be seeing you there?


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