Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lacking Motivation!

Posted by Anonymous
So, I don’t know what is going on with me this week.  Maybe it is the weather (even though it is a beautiful day today).   I just don’t know, but I feel like my get up and go got up and went!  Next Sunday I am running the Forest City Road Race Half marathon and since I want to be at my optimum performance level, I have decided to try a running plan from CRM for this week,  which I usually don’t do-unless you call not running at all the week before a big race a plan.  I really just feel like being lazy this week.  Anyways, last nights plan was a 4m easy run.  I was thinking about it aaallll day at work!  Usually I am thinking about how excited I am to get out and run but not this day!  I was making all sorts of excuses to myself about why I shouldn’t run!
I had packed my bag of clothes to change into after work.

I was trying to think positive and be excited about it but it wasn’t happening.  I decided on my lunch hour to go out and get some healthy fuel for the week.  I went to spork check,  found some new- to-me Clif bar flavours (Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Mint) and I picked up some nuun in Strawberry Lemonade.  There, that will get me excited!  I get a new  pre-run snack and some new liquids for post-run!  All set!

I came back from my lunch hour errands and got out my salad that I made in the morning!

It was delish!
After work, I changed and headed to the trails.  I stuck to my plan no matter how much I didn't feel like it!

This is post run-don't mind the sweat in the crook of my elbow!
I only had to do a 4 mile run so no problem, I can get through that.  I started out, and was really dragging myself along.  I kept telling myself, it is only 4 miles, just get through and you will be happy.  At about the midpoint spot I came across a flock of geese. 

Great, as I am approaching, I am thinking about my strategy in getting around them (for anyone who doesn’t know, I am actually petrified of geese-long tramatizing story from years ago).  Anyways, as I get close, I am hoping they will just move because I can’t see any way around them.  Wrong, they didn’t move.  I shut my eyes and barreled through them, to my horror, they weren’t happy and started squaking. I opened my eyes and they were flying right at me!  I had to turn around and start running the other way, screaming like a girl of course.  There were quite a few other people on the trail at this point and I made some guy almost fall off his bike!  I apologized and he told me, no problem, that it was entertaining to watch.  I was soo embarrassed.  The last half of my run, went surprisingly faster.  I felt so much better when I was done and actually felt like I should keep going but I didn't.  I had to get home for my sister visit!
Sister M came over for a visit.  It is her birthday in a couple of days so I made her a birthday drink and we had some catch up chat time!  She also had gone out for a run so listening to her talk about it gave me some motivation back.

At the end of the day, when I went to bed, thanks to the geese chasing after me and the wonderful visit with M, I was feeling much better and felt like I had some motivation back.  I felt like my get up and go was back!


  1. I am literally sitting here looking like a fool, laughing out loud to myself :)
    Glad to hear your back!