Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What? Running? And some Family Time

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning all! How is everybody on this lovely Wednesday morning? I did not wake up feeling lovely this morning. My head is pounding and I have a ton of work to do and am just feeling out of sorts. Ever get like that?? What do you do? My first thought was just to stay in bed until my head felt better but then knowing I had all this work to do I had to get up. So, I got up and went through my morning routine, took an Advil, put on a fake smile (which will turn into a real one eventually right??-isn’t that what they say??) and here I am Smile


I am still trying to ramp up my running mileage and its just not coming. I got out for 4 runs in the last 5 days.

Friday – 6 km run in 31:06 min for a 5:11 pace

Saturday – 7 km run in 38:54 min for a 5:33 pace

Sunday – 5 km run in 25:48 min for a 5:09 pace

Monday – 6 km run in 32:06 min for a 5:21 pace

(Last year at this time I was doing 12-14 km runs as my “short” runs)

These are not long or fast runs for me at all but it seems to be all I’ve got right now. I can’t seem to get my head around why this is all I can do. I know in the last year I have done a lot of races.

1-5km, 5-10kms, 1-10 miler, 6-Half Marathons, 1-30 km, and a 1-Full Marathon.

So maybe I just need a break. I don’t want to take a complete break and lose everything that I have worked so hard for so I am just going to keep doing what I can do and gradually work my mileage back up.

So onto something positive now. At Christmas time, my dad and my siblings and I all decided that we needed to make an effort to spend more time together. Not that it is difficult to be around each other, just that we live in different cities so it takes more planning effort to do things together. We have been doing pretty good. We spent some time together on Sunday at my sister's pool!


Here’s a close-up on those drinks that Beth made!


And last night we had a very nice visit at my dad’s place.


He had Palm Bay’s in every flavor for us! Does he know us well or what?!!

P.S. That is not why I woke up with a headache, I only had 2 Smile

Any suggestions on my running situation??

Tell us your favorite thing about this week so far??


  1. I think that sometimes a break is the best answer - a week or two off to focus on other things might help you come back ready to run!!!

  2. haha I love the km/miles conversion...I always get confused looking at the pace and think I'm looking at Meb's training schedule ;) haha JK. So American. Great runs so far this week! Whenever I feel like that I just get outside and get a little sunshine on my lunch break :)

  3. You are probably right Kim, I am just afraid if I stop completely that I won't be able to get back into it...

  4. Sorry, I should have done both the kms and miles. Here they are:
    3.75 m/8:16 pace
    4.38 m/8:52 pace
    3.13 m/8:14 pace
    3.75 m/8:33 pace
    I actually did take your advice yesterday. When I had my lunch I ate it outside and later I went for a run in the sunshine and I felt much better :)

  5. Thanks for your advice Kristi! You are probably right it is just so hard to stop completely for a week!!

  6. Awesome! A little vitamin D always does me some good too :) Nice job on the runs!

  7. The distance might not be where you want, but girl that consistency will do wonders. Running daily, even if not as fast or as long (Still great paces BTW) can really help build endurance and help you. Once you do start to ramp up again, that base will be strong!

  8. Thanks Laura. That's some great affirmation!