Friday, July 25, 2014

My Son, Jacqueline

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Who's ready for the weekend?  Yup, I'm raising my hand…after three short weeks in a row, this week has really dragged on.  Oh well, only on more week until I'm on holidays!

After another weekend of racing, and nothing major scheduled on my calendar, I have just been able to enjoy running for the sake of running this week.  I' got out Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so far this week and I'll be hitting the pool at the Y on my lunch break today.  I missed out on Splash n Dash this week as I was invited to go to Toronto with some buddies to watch a soccer match between Toronto FC and Tottenham from the English Premiership.

photo 1

It was a beautiful night and a good exciting match too.  It was tied at 2 in the last 5 minutes before Tottenham scored to win it 3-2.  It was nice hanging out the guys too as we haven't gotten together in quite a while.

I was working from home yesterday and Jackson decided he wanted to be a rock star, so he found an old Halloween wig and a toy guitar and proceeded to rock out.


It was bad enough with the wig in just his underwear, but when I sent him upstairs to get dressed it got worse.  Much worse.  Little boys should never let their evil older sister get them dressed because this might happen.

photo 3

I have to admit though, he makes a pretty little girl Smile  Kennedy and I were calling him Jacqueline all day, and despite how happy he looks in these pictures, it didn't take him too long to realize he didn't like being called a girl…


We will be off for a nice relaxing weekend at the cottage after work today, and despite thunderstorms in the forecast I'm sure we will have a good time.  Hopefully I'll get a couple decent runs in and then get to recuperate on the beach with a beer in my hand, cause that's my idea of time well spent!

Any exciting weekend plans?

Did your boys ever play dress up?  This is normal, right??


  1. OMG. This cracks me up! While I didn't have little brothers, my neighbors were like family to me and I used to dress up their boys.... hahahahha. Hope you have a great relaxing weekend at the cottage!

  2. heehee too cute...sounds like the perfect weekend coming up! Enjoy every second!

  3. HaHa - Jacqueline is so cute!!! My boys didn't play dress up much since they don't have sisters but I do have a picture of one of them (can't remember which one) with one of my bras on over their clothes - classy!!! (I think they were 4ish at the time).

  4. Did the boys turn out okay? They aren't still coming to you for makeup tips are they?

  5. Haha they just turned 22, are both Finishing up fabulous college careers as MEN. Although I did hear they had to wear dresses at one point when they joined a fraternity. Other than that, I think they adjusted well ;) hahaha

  6. It was a nice weekend, the weather even cooperated for us. I really thought he made a cute wee girl haha

  7. Lucky for them you didn't have a blog back then or they would have been post-fodder :)

  8. Dresses and frats go hand in hand...glad to hear you didn't scar them permanently