Thursday, July 3, 2014

Upping the Tempo

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Happy Friday to our American friends!  With Canada Day on Tuesday we had a nice short week, but we still have another day to go before our weekend.  So cheers to those of you off tomorrow and enjoy your last day of work!

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I just got back in the office yesterday after a great 4-day weekend filled with lots of fun up at the cottage.  There was plenty of food, family, friends, fires and festivities and everyone had a great time.  One of my favourite things I got to do on the weekend was head down to the Point with the kids on Monday while Michelle had to go into work.  It is perhaps the most quiet and tranquil area up at the cottage and we always enjoy our nature time there.

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After skipping stones and climbing rocks we rode our bikes down to the beach.  The water was really cold but I did manage to get in (and under!) to enjoy some water fun with the kids.  It was a blast!

Before long it was time to head back up to the cottage and grab our lunch.  After that I got the boat out and all cleaned up, but it wouldn't fire up…so off to the marina it went.  Hopefully nothing major and it can get all fixed up so we can enjoy some days out on the lake.


This one's not mine, but it's the exact same boat…hopefully we'll have some of our own pics to share soon!  We love taking the boat out and dropping anchor out offshore and just chillin' and swimmin'.

I managed to get a couple of decent runs in at the cottage as well, including perhaps my speediest beach run ever.  I love running the beach, but it sure is tough with that uneven ground and loose footing…quick runs don't come along too often, especially when it gets hot and the sun's beating down.  Not exactly a lot of shade out there!

Once back in the office yesterday it was back to my lunch running.  I got out for a good 10K even though I had only intended to do 8.  I had Splash n Dash that night so I didn't want to tire the legs out too much.  I got going though and my pace was pretty good so I decided to do the 10 and push it a bit…it seems like I turn way too many of my runs into tempo runs, which probably isn't a good thing.

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It was off to Splash n Dash again last night and I had another good swim and run…just slightly slower than my previous week but still good enough to come in third.  One more Splash n dash before Musselman 70.3 and I'm riding a pretty good wave of confidence…let's hope that carries over to the race!

American friends, do y'all have today off as well as the Friday?

Anyone else out there turn all their runs into tempo runs?  Is that good or bad??

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  1. Tempo runs are great but I try and mix it up. Tempo, speed, long slower runs with perhaps some strides/pickups thrown in there. I find doing that and having that variety in your running helps you recover faster and stay happy and healthy as a runner!