Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Furniture? More like Burn-iture.

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

It was another great weekend up at the cottage and it is safe to say we are settling right back into the cottage life.  Michelle was able to get off a little early on Friday and we were on the road shortly after 5:00.  I had entertained the idea of riding my bike up again, but it was pretty chilly and I learned my lesson from the previous week.  I'll do the ride again, but no need to freeze my ass off again!

We arrived at the cottage and my parents already had dinner ready for all of us…Taco Night!  Who doesn't love tacos?  After dinner it was fire time…we had a nice blaze going and it was a great night just sitting around enjoying each other's company.  There was a meteor shower that was supposed to peak around 2am, so I had told Kennedy we would stay up as late as we could to see if we could spot some shooting stars.  She was zonked (okay, we all were) by 11:00 or so, but we decided to walk down to the beach before we called it a night.  The stars were out in full force and it is truly an incredible sight…but we were still too early for the meteor shower.  Kennedy and my Mum both saw some shooting stars though, so the beach trip was worthwhile.

On Saturday morning I set out for a run and decided that I would venter out across the highway and run a bit longer through the countryside for the first time this year.  I used to run those country roads all summer last year while in marathon training and I really loved how peaceful it was with just me and the cows.


By no means was it my fastest run ever, but it was really enjoyable.  It was great seeing some old roads again, even if I did turn right into a brutal headwind at the halfway mark where I had wanted to step up my pace.  Ya, that didn't happen.  I ended up covering the half marathon distance for my longest training run in some time.  I was just over 20K when I was right around the corner from home, so you know I had to throw in that extra 1.1K to make up the HM distance Winking smile

After the run I decided to sit by the campfire and read some magazines (Triathlete, Runner's World, Cosmo) and enjoy a nice cold drink.  I was lucky enough to find these at the back of my fridge and they hit the spot!  I can't drink too many of these, but one or two can be a nice change from beer now and then.

photo 4

Eventually Michelle and my Mum got back from their shopping trip in town (where there was a town-wide garage sale going on) and they were going to head out for their run.  They saw me sitting by the campfire (well, the fire pit…no fire going yet) enjoying some bevvies and decided that was a much better idea, so they joined me for the rest of the afternoon.  We had a great time, and before we knew it it was time to get the fire going for dinner…we had pie irons to make!

If you recall from last weekend, my parents like to burn old furniture (why take up landfill space?  They fancy themselves tree huggers).  Of course they managed to find something to burn, even when it was at my fire.

photo 7

The fire was so big that I had to get the shovel out to keep it under control…hopefully these soon-to-be senior citizens have their childish pyromania out of their systems!  I must say though, Michelle can be quite the instigator as well…she's a bad influence on my Mum ha-ha

Sunday was a picture perfect day with blue skies and nice warm temperatures.  I got some work done around the cottage and then we had some friends drop in for the afternoon.  We packed the kids up and went down to enjoy some beach time.

photo 8

J-man was braver than me and enjoyed some time in the lake…it's still freezing.  Kennedy had her friend up and they got into the swimming action as well.

photo 9

It was an awesome weekend up there as always, and it looks like we have a nice week in store here as well.  I already got out on Monday to enjoy a nice lunch run in some hot and steamy temps and there will be a couple more to come for sure.  I'm really looking forward to my first triathlon "event" of the year as the Tri Club has our first Splash n Dash of the season tomorrow.  There's a 750m swim (or you can do two loops for 1500m) followed by a run of 5K to 7K.  It's a great way to get out and try some open-water swimming and work on your swim-run brick.  It's held at a local conservation area just out of town…I'll be sure to let you all know how it went on Friday!

Anyone get to the beach this weekend?

Have you ever done a Splash n Dash?  Any open-water swimming?


  1. Looks like a lovely time!

  2. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMay 27, 2014 at 3:39 PM

    OMG you're a beast!! Way to go on your half marathon!! Lol an open-water swim sounds like a nightmare to me (open water just freaks me out). I would do a splash and dash if someone did the swim and I just ran ;)

  3. I love that Michelle and your Mum decided to just hang out instead of go for a run - sometimes that is the best choice!
    BTW - have you tried the Razz-a-Ritas? Those are quite delicious!!!
    Glad it was a good beach weekend!

  4. Yup, sure was! Looks like your weekend was great too!

  5. haha thanks Amy...I don't usually think of myself in a beastly state :) I'll have to wait another week for the open-water swim, it was postponed because of weather. BTW, I tried commenting on your post but I'm having problems commenting on some word press blogs...I'm afraid of birds. Yup, birds.

  6. They deserved that time to just chill, that's what weekends are for! They did end up getting their run in the next day so it was all good.
    I've seen the Razz-a-Ritas at the store but haven't tried them yet...I'll have to give them a shot too. Another favourite of mine is a local Canadian company called Blackfly...they make a bottled margarita that is really good, not sweet at all just the way I like it.

  7. Looks like the perfect weekend! The weather in MD was absolutely perfect too. So jealous of the cottage life:) I love family time!!

  8. It was great Teresa! You guys had an awesome long weekend too, even if you did have to work Monday. Getting to the beach (or the Bay in your case) is so rejuvenating!

  9. burniture ... i love it! looks like you've got that manly pyromaniac instinct in you just like i do. :)

    hope you enjoyed the 'splash n dash' - i would be in but it would be more of a 'search and rescue' after i entered the water.

  10. Search and rescue haha...unfortunately the weather called for the Splash n Dash to be bumped out to next week. It's a weekly event though, so I'll be able to get lots of practice in!

  11. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMay 29, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    Oh dear! So it's not just my blog? Hmm I'll have to contact WordPress.

    Birds- all birds? Or just the big ones? I get it though. Those beaks are super strong and could take a finger right off!