Friday, May 30, 2014

Behold the Beer-ita

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hey everyone!  Who has two thumbs and loves Fridays?


I'll be getting a run in over lunch today and then packing up the truck to head up to the cottage after work.  This is the girl's Niagara Falls Half Marathon weekend so Michelle will be off as well as my Mum, meaning my Dad and I get to bach it at the cottage…well, us and the kids anyways.  The weather looks nice though, so it should be a great weekend.

So I ended up missing out on some swimming this week…after my post the other day mentioning the Splash n Dash I received an email from Kevin, one of the guys in the club, mentioning that we had been pushed out a week due to the cold weather.  Thanks again for the heads up Kevin!  So if you were looking for a recap of my freeze my balls off open-water swim, you'll have to check back next week.

We also missed out on our Tuesday night Masters swim as we had some life issues come up…everything is fine but it meant no Tuesday night swim, and therefore no Tuesday night post-swim drinks.  We made up for it though and got out for some time together on Wednesday night where I may or may not have tried something called a Beerita.

image (1)

Yup, it was as good as it looks Smile

The running has been solid this week though…I got in a couple decent runs but neither was entirely without incident.  On one run I wore my Nike Flyknit Free's and went sockless…10K might have been asking a bit too much as I try to toughen my feet up as I had all kinds of hotspots going on almost from the get go.  In fact my entire right foot was one giant hotspot.  I made it through though, and only a couple tiny little painless blisters.

My other run was in some serious humidity and the temperatures were feeling like they were in the 90's.  I sweat my ass off, but had gone out prepared, appropriately covered in Body Glide.  I was so sweaty though that I still managed to develop some chaffing…at my eyelid.  seriously, that has got to be a first.


I had thought about getting out for a run last night after Michelle got home from work, but in the end I decided that since we wouldn't see her all weekend we should do something together as a family.  So after dinner instead of going for a run, I took the whole family out…to the grocery store!  Ya, no one was thrilled about that, so I had to throw in the lure of froyo afterwards…that got them interested Winking smile

image (6)

Hope everyone has a great weekend in store, and good luck to everyone racing!  I know that Chelsea is doing San Diego and of course Michelle, my Mum and Rhoda have Niagara Falls…good luck ladies!

What's the weirdest spot you've had chaffing?


  1. Good luck to Michelle and Rhoda!! Hope you have a great race:)

  2. Thanks Teresa, looks like a great weekend for them to race

  3. OK now I want frozen yogurt!! Niagara Falls sounds great! Have a fun weekend!

  4. Good luck to Michelle and Rhoda (and of course your mum) this weekend!!
    I've only had chafing once - my first trip to Hawaii I thought I was so cool running along the edge of the water and letting it splash up on me. The chafing from wet shorts was not cool and made the rest of my runs there painful - lesson learned!!!

  5. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonJune 2, 2014 at 10:07 AM

    I've never even heard of a Beerita! I would love to try it though.
    Of course that froyo looks deelish. Hope you had a good weekend Mike!

  6. Ouch! Tough lesson to learn, but Hawaii makes everything better, even chafing haha

  7. It was good Katie...both the beer it's and the weekend!

  8. Everyone did great, awesome weekend all around