Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Butt Bone Hurts

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Wow...almost the middle of May already...where is 2014 going?!?

Last night we decided to head to the Y with the kids to get a swim in. I stayed with the kids at first while Mike headed over to the lanes to get some laps in - and then we switched. It was a little wild and cray-cray while we were there last night. At one point 2 older ladies that I had been sharing a lane with came back over to me to thank me for letting them know that there is such a thing as "lap etiquette"...as they were newbies. I was happy to share a few tips I've learned with them...but shortly after they left the lane I was in, a lady and her son popped into the lane and decided that they could walk and float around all while I was still trying to actually swim...frustrating does not even begin to describe it.


So I thought that maybe I should check with the expert (aka Google) to read up on sharing lane etiquette - just to make sure that I am never the one frustrating someone else in their quest to get their workout in...so here are some great tips that I came across:

- Take a minute to observe each of the lanes and get a sense of which one you match up with best. Some pools designate slow lanes and fast lanes, but seeing the swimmers that are already going is an even better gauge.

- Make sure you are aware of the "flow"...are you swimming laps by simply splitting the lane or are you swimming in a clockwise/counter clockwise motion

- Giving space: If a swimmer is faster than you, make sure you don't start another lap just as he is coming up behind you. If you start about 5 seconds behind a faster swimmer, you will probably never run into each other during your workout.

- If a faster swimmer is coming up on you and touches your feet, that's an indication that they want to pass. Swim to the next wall, then stop and let them go ahead of you.

- Resting - Don't feel like you are forced to keep up with the flow of your lane. If you need to stop and rest, you may do so. But be mindful of the other swimmers in your lane when you decide to take a break, particularly if you're swimming circles. Try and stay out of the other swimmers way by resting in the corner on the lane.

Now if only all these tips could be part of a "mandatory" lesson before you were allowed in the lanes...oh...one could only hope Smile with tongue out

And in other swimming news...at our "swimming lesson" last week...Mike and I attempted for the first time e.v.e.r the butterfly stroke


...yeah...I think we looked more like drowning dolphins...hopefully we are not doing that stroke again tonight...lol. But I must say that everyone in the masters class is great. They are not judgy at all and instead the experienced swimmers offer their tips and advice in a very encouraging manner - which makes going each week quite enjoyable - instead of making us feel like a fish out of water


Ever had a frustrating swim because of others?...any other tips to add?

What's your favourite form of cross-training?
...and PS. My butt is sore from the bike ride that K and I went on Sunday afternoon


  1. haha I love the title of this post :) Hope your hiney feels better!

  2. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMay 14, 2014 at 3:53 PM

    Lol I most certainly would look like a drowning dolphin if I did the butterfly. My boyfriend's mom is in Masters swim and has asked if I want to go with her. I laugh and say, you know you'll have to explain to your friends that I'm not actually drowning right?

  3. If anything - it gets people's attention...lol

  4. Can't wait to start riding to work again!

  5. You should really try the masters class...Mike and I are really enjoying it - and everyone in the class is great...desite them being waaayyy better then us!

  6. hahaha----you better WORK it!!