Thursday, May 8, 2014

Part Deux - The Challenge of the Challenge

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If you missed the 5k race recap for the Everest Challenge - you can check it out on to the part of the race that I was dreading...The Challenge. As soon as we finished the run portion - they were handing out water bottles, and then the next station you received Clue #1 and a marker with a flashlight


...well needless to say right away I was stumped?!? The Cast Members are allowed to help ask you questions so that you can come up with the answer on your own, but they are not allowed to tell you the answers. After a few very directed questions the Cast Member lead us to our 1st answer.


"Use another item you've been given for the race and know that we need you to flag the right colour." In order to solve this clue, you had to determine what every single racer in the challenge had to have with them...their race you had to determine the "right" colour


...aka the flag colour in the upper right hand corner on our race bibs...ok finally clue #1 figured out and to race on to the next station - give them our answer for the 1st clue, and receive our 2nd clue


...this one (for me anyways) was another doozie


K and I found a bench and just kept reading through the "clue" from clue #1


I finally found the "one" in the this point, we knew that was not the final answer but decided to head to the next station and spend our time there figuring out the rest. To be completely honest, I'm not even sure, how we finally found the other number, but once we did we were able to give our answer of "4" and receive our next clue


This is where the clues stated to be more on my intellectual level Smile with tongue out


Right away some girl came over wanting to work be completely honest - she was zero help...right away I got the middle three words...right beside us were a few dads racing with their kids - so I asked then if they wanted to work together. I shared with them the answers I had so far, and then one of the dad's figured out the first word...once we had that, the last word just jumped out at off to Africa we ran.


Clue #4 was easy peasy...just a matter of "punching out" the warm items that were pictured

clip_image010 now off to our final station


To solve this last clue - you had to figure out that you needed to use Clue #4 with the punch outs folded - so that you could use it as a view finder

clip_image013 it was time to race to the finish...I'm not quite sure why...but a lot of people were just taking a stroll to the finish line, but K and I kicked it into high gear and ran the entire way (another time I think she started hating me a little).

They did have Race Staff at the entrance to the finish line making sure that you were providing the correct answer before allowing you to cross the finish line.


And...we did it!!!! We finished the race and challenge - and we had an awesome time!!!! And I must admit that even though I was n.o.t looking forward to the Challenge part of the evening a.t a.l.l - it ended up being a lot of fun (and we never had to call Mike for help).

Check out our rad finishers medal


They ended up splitting up the race results by gender and we ended up placing for female teams 392/646...a very admirable finish if you ask me. So proud of how well K did...especially so late at night.


Now it was time to party! We quickly stopped at our car - took off our sweaty shirts and changed into our sweaters that we brought with us...then we headed back inside and right to the roller coaster - Expedition Everest....the line was soooo long (obviously) we jumped into the single rider line. This meant that we only waited 10min to ride, instead of 40min. We did that 2 more times, and then decided for our last ride of the night we would go together...good decision - because at this point they closed the single rider line anyways. 4 rides on Expedition Everest...and at 2am, we decided to head back to the hotel and try and get about 3.5 hours of shut-eye before we had to wake up and head to the airport. was certainly a whirlwind trip and an awesome #girlsweekend. It was really nice to have some one on one time with K - and hey...I'll take an excuse to head to Disney anytime!....speaking of which...we are booking our next trip there today! (Thank-you free dining plan).

How many clues were you able to figure out on your own?

Anyone else getting rained out today?


  1. Really cool medal!

  2. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMay 9, 2014 at 8:47 PM

    LOVE it!!! I think I'm going to add this to my bucket list :)

  3. It is very original - and fit the theme perfectly

  4. It was such a great time together!...I hope one day Mike and J get to get away and do something like this together too

  5. other then the weather - it was AWESOME...but seriously...anything Disney is awesome :)