Monday, May 12, 2014

Back At It, Random Things and A GIVEAWAY!!!!

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I finally got back to running again on Saturday! I was pretty sore Monday and Tuesday and started to feel back to normal Wednesday and was probably good to go for Thursday but I milked it like a champ until Saturday! I’m an overachiever, I know. Saturday was beautiful out and I got to wear shorts for the first time since last October or something like that.


Sunday was another beautiful day! I went to watch (and be a water-hander-outer) Mike and his mom run at the MEC race. It is so much fun watching other people race. I really enjoyed not having to run a race yesterday. Great job to both Mike and his Mom (you will hear more about that later this week). After that, I got out for a little run myself. It was hot and I was soo super sweaty and I loved it! I will not complain after the winter that we had!

So, speaking of hot, I found this super sweet box of freezies at the grocery store yesterday. These will be perfect for after a run on all the hot days we have coming up this summer. Since I have a super small freezer at home, I immediately thought about how I could rid of everything else in there so I could fit this box in.


I also found some amazing new little granola bars! I am a sucker for granola bars and jump at the chance to try out any new ones. These ones are super small and perfect to throw in my purse for those emergency hangry moments!


One other thing I came across this weekend is a picture of this new bar in New York City. Any Nutella lovers out there?? You might want to visit this place if you are in the area!


Yep, it’s a Nutella Bar!

Okay, so onto the GIVEAWAY!!!

Last month I received a running belt in my STRIDE box. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share it with our readers! In case you are not sure what a running belt is…..It is something you wear while running, or whatever activity you want to do really, that you can store your keys, credit cards, phone, gels, chews or anything you need inside the two expandable, zippered pockets.



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Leave a comment below letting us know that you follow us and let us know why you think you need a Running Belt!

Good luck everyone! Happy Monday!


  1. Follow all three :) I signed up for a 5k in June (piece of cake for you) and am training for that so the belt would be great!

  2. Already have a running belt but I could use another one! I love that you are jumping right back in to running springy legs!! Have a great week!

  3. Nice Kate!! Any distance is a challenge!

  4. Thanks Chelsea! You have a great week also!

  5. The natures Valley granola thins are my favorite! Love love love those! I use a spibelt for my running belt currently, it's the only thing that has consistently worked for me. ( I had a few bad experiences with some other ones!)

  6. Hmm spibelt eh? I will have to check one of those out! Thanks Laura!

  7. I had a nathan belt that I used for my first few marathons and it wasn't stretchy so I had to wear it up higher so it would actually stay put. It left horrible bruises on my back from it being tight on me for a few hours while running. The spibelt is stretchy and stay put right on my hips, I forget its there half the time.

  8. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMay 14, 2014 at 3:50 PM

    OMG your running outfit is adorable!! Granola bars are dangerous at my house. I could seriously eat them with every meal. I have to hide them in the back of a cabinet so I forget about them, and then it's like a surprise when I remember haha!

  9. I am following all of you on instagram. I need a running belt so that I have somewhere secure to put my car key when I run. I love going to the park but am always worried I will drop my key so I am constantly checking to make sure it is still in it's place.

  10. Nice! I have been hearing that the spibelts are pretty sweet.

  11. Lol that is hilarious! I am almost as bad.

  12. I know the feeling! I used to put my key in my underwear while running. Glad I don't have to do that anymore lol

  13. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with that issue.

    Breanna Sackrey

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  14. I have e-mailed you with my contact information. So glad I will now have a safe place to store my keys.