Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Running Tales and Lobster Tails

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Last week I was moaning about my achy IT Band and wondering if I would be able to get back on track with my marathon training (Chicago Marathon only 39 days away!).  It is safe to say that I am now over those issues…my legs are back and feeling fine.  In typical fashion I have had some good runs and some not so good runs over the past week, but they have been pain-free runs and that's the main thing at this point.  I'm now ready to get back into full-on training again and have even decided to sign up for the Springbank Half Marathon this weekend to see where my fitness us at.  I did a couple of half marathons back in the spring and finished in 1:31:08 and 1:30:18…I would love to break through the 1:30 mark, but the truth is that marathon training has sapped me of my speed.  I haven't been training for the Half, so I can't expect to PR…I will need to keep telling myself that this is really more of a high-intensity marathon training run than an actual race.

photo 3
Saturday's Good Run -- 7:12/mile Pace

I wore the new Kinvara 4's for my Saturday run…I'm really warming up to these shoes which is no surprise as I have loved the previous versions of the Kinvara as well.  I'll be doing a review of these shoes once I've added a few more miles to them.  I did another run on Monday in my new Mizuno Wave Sayonara's on the exact same route…it was nowhere near as good, but I could probably attribute that to a combination of the gale-force winds, uncomfortable shoe (almost all my runs in these shoes so far have featured tightness in the right midfoot) and of course a little thing the day before called Lobsterfest, where I probably didn't set the greatest example of what a runner should eat and drink.

photo 4
Monday's Post-Lobsterfest Run -- 8:06/mile Pace

I had decided a little while ago that Lobsterfest would be the unofficial end of cottage season…well, maybe not "cottage season" as we go up there year-round, but "eating-and-drinking-like-crap-up-at-the-cottage-season".  So this week it is back to eating healthy and trimming down for the big run in October.  No more Pizza Sunday's, no Nacho & Margarita Thursday's, and no more 6-packs around the campfire.  Screw New Year's Resolutions, I'm going with Labour Day Resolutions!  I'll leave you with a couple pics from Lobsterfest that didn't make CR Rhoda's post yesterday…everyone had a great time and it was an awesome way to say good-bye to cottage season (the eating-and-drinking-like-crap-up-at-the-cottage-season anyways!).

photo 5
photo 6
Cheers Ladies!  That's a Proper Drink!!

Anyone else make some Labour Day Resolutions?


What's the toughest food for you to give up?
Pizza for me, I love it so much :(


  1. I think I have the opposite resolution that you have! For the first 10 weeks of my training, I never got full, was hungry more than I should. So I started eating another small meal (see 500-600 calories) and it has helped. I don't think I can live without pizza!

    Your moaning was trivial!
    Glad you are pain free again!
    In the spring I was doing about the same as your half marathon times during my long runs. Summer Half Marathon mid training was a bit more taxing. Don't over do it! I'm sure you have to run hard again shortly after unlike most of the contestants!

  2. I'm loving the drinking "glasses!"
    Potato chips are hard for me to give up!!

  3. True enough Declan...I just hope my ego can stay in check and I don't try to run people down.

    Why would anyone want to give up pizza???

  4. Those glasses were great! And chips are definitely another weakness for me...I guess I'm more salty than sweet