Monday, July 22, 2013

Bluewater Duathlon Recap

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Welcome back to work day...I hope ya'll had a great weekend! Did anyone race? Yup...I sure did. I mentioned last week that I was going to sign up for my first duathlon...well I Mike got me signed up late on Thursday night. Mike had previously signed up for the Olympic distance (I'll give you one guess what his next post is gonna be about ;) ) at the time I decided not to go as a participant this year and rather I'd go as Mike's cheering squad; because I did zero swimming since my last do a du you say?...well I've only been out on 4 rides this I definitely did NOT feel prepared to commit to an event. Then last week I got a text from my SIL that she had signed up for the Sprint distance. So immediately my wheels starting turning...what did I have to lose?!?...ok sign me up.
The Sprint distance was a 1km run - 18km bike - 4km run (I'll talk about this little later)
So bright and early Saturday morning - Mike, Em and I headed out for our 30min drive to do our race pack pick-up and get our gear all set-up


This particular event is put on a by a local church


It's an event that started 35 years ago with about 100 participates and has grown to I believe about 370 athlete's this year.
After the crazy heat/humidity we have been having these last few weeks, we really lucked out and late Friday night the humidity broke - and we could not have asked for better race conditions on Saturday


The Sprint distance was the 3rd "heat" to start - we were scheduled to start at 9:10am - and with the blow of the horn - we were off right on time. The run started out along the water, we looped through a neighbourhood and back around to the transition area. The bike course was very flat that allowed for a most enjoyable ride;  it was an out-and-back with the turnaround right at the 1/2 point...and on the way back the paparazzi spotted me


It's amazing how your mind can "conveniently" forget details from previous uncomfortable situations it's been I dismounted my bike at the line the volunteer told me to run - and I said "I don't think I can" and he said - you're in a race - to which I replied "my legs are not working"..and then the crowd let out a little cheer for me. Man I'm telling ya...jumping off a bike and then having to run or at the very least walk is NO JOKE folks...don't believe me...go out and ride your bike for 18km at a pace of between 26-30km/hour and then get your legs working for a 4km run for ya...they do not even feel like they are attached to your could I not remember this feeling from my previous triathlons?!?!?
For the 1st km I had a really bad side stitch, so I decided to walk through the first water station in hopes of stretching it seemed to then I was able to settle into my "let's finish this du and enjoy the "journey" along the way" pace...and the paparazzi appeared again


I crossed the finish line - and immediately felt a sense of accomplishment, and was pleased that I was able to finish it about 10min faster than my "loose" time goal I had for myself. 1hr 21min - bu-yah!!!
Now it was onto the best part of the day - the "famous" post race meal (please note that it was sooo awesome that I inhaled it before I thought to grab a few pics). There were lots of homemade sandwiches, chili, cookies, butter tarts, squares etc. all put on by the fab folks from the church.
Soooo...I mentioned earlier that I would "talk" about the distance a little later....well our initial 1km run...was actually a 1.5km I get that "distance" can be off a bit for various reasons...but 50%...that's not just "off" that's a pretty big boo-boo on someone's part. My biking registered just a little further than the 18km...but close enough...and the last 4km was pretty accurate...I guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad....although this is kinda sucky - my main goal in registering for this event was to have fun and enjoy myself, and you know what? I did; so I'm not going to stress about the extra 1/2km I got in on Saturday.
Mike's got some awesome news...but I'm let him share that with you tomorrow!
Well we did until next time...


Anyone else ever participate in a race where the distance was measured out wrong?

Tell me 2 things you did this weekend?


  1. Sugar Coated SheridanJuly 22, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    Great job!! I did a kickboxing class this weekend, but I have family visiting this week, so I spent most of my time relaxing with them :)

  2. Great job - I've never done a duathlon but I can only imagine how hard it is to get your legs moving after the bike portion!! Frustrating that the course measured long!!
    Glad you had fun.
    2 things I did - drove 22 hours. Spent time on the beach!!

  3. Great weather!! CONGRATS all!

  4. Great job Michelle! So proud of you! It was an honour to be your paparazzi!!

  5. So proud of you! It was a great day - looking forward to next year and seeing how much I can improve (I.e. not coming in second last lol!)

  6. Amazing job, especially for not training for it!! I was waiting for you to say you had a cupcake & coffee after. ;)
    Also dig your new Lulu tank big time.
    I love participating in duathlons, they are so much fun to change thing up and cross train. Way to go!

  7. At least you got something in - good job!

  8. Thank-you :) It was alot of fun - I really enjoyed myself
    I bet the drive was totally worth it (I saw your pics...such a beautiful location!!!) Enjoy your holiday

  9. Thank-you! I'm glad I decided to do it!

  10. Thank-you!!! Thanks for the pics and the baby-sitting services

  11. Right back at ya...thanks for signing was becuase you did - that I was a really fun day...and I just kept reminding myself to enjoy the journey

  12. Thanks...I know eh...maybe I should insist that they add red velevet cupcakes to their post race spread next year!
    ...isn't it purdy! the bright colours

  13. I am in LOVE with your outfit.
    XO Lauren

  14. Thank-you :) Tank and the shorts are both from lululemon

  15. I wish they had cheaper clothes/ better sales haha...i don't own a single thing from them. I think I need to start a Christmas list.

  16. It's true...before I ever bought my 1st piece I thought people were crazy for spending that on workout clothes...but I now understand. It's nice to visit Orlando every once in awhile 'cause there is a lulu outlet there!

  17. I was in orlando literally last weeeeek! And I did go there...but I told myself I couldn't buy clothes on vaca :( should have broke my rule.

  18. You'll have to make sure to plan a visit the next time you are there! as you can find some good steals!

  19. Fit 'n' Well MommyJuly 23, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    Awesome job! We got a lot of unpacking and yard work done! It wasn't too fun, but it was very productive!

  20. Thank-you!...sometimes you just have to forgo fun for productivity

  21. U convinced me to sign up for my first Du! Its Aug 4 and after reading your recap I am really glad I did. My bike ride however is nothing but rolling hills!! Ahhhhh Thanks for the great recap!!