Monday, July 8, 2013

Mondays and 10 Things

Posted by Anonymous

Who loves Mondays?

5 Interesting Facts About Mondays:

  1. Most people do not smile on Mondays until 11:16 am
    I try to smile as soon as I get out of bed, even if it is only myself in the mirror I am smiling to
  2. 50% of workers are late for work on Mondays
    I am usually late on Mondays, because I have been going to a class at the gym before work and it puts me there 5-10 minutes later than usual
  3. Most suicides occur on Mondays
    Thankfully I have not been suicidal yet…
  4. The number of heart attack victims increase by 20% on Mondays
    I felt like having one this morning when I saw all the piles of work on my desk after working out of the office for the past 2 weeks
  5. People spend on average 12 minutes complaining on Mondays
    Totally guilty of that this morning…not going to lie

Let's face it, Monday concludes the weekend and begins the work week (for most people)…

We have had a day or two of rest, maybe slept in a little later, maybe stayed up a little later, perhaps ate a little more, drank a little more….You get the gist… So now our body is trying to get back on schedule and is not happy with us.

I typically don’t like Mondays without even trying…


Lately, I have really noticed this about myself, so I have been on a mission to get excited for Mondays, so here are some reasons that I have come up with so far…

1. It’s a day for a fresh start

A new week, it’s a do over-how many of those do we get in life??


2. I get to start a new week of Marathon training

That means I am 1 week closer to running a marathon


3. My food intake becomes regulated again

I don’t know what happens on the weekends with this but it gets all out of whack

4. It is one day closer to the weekend

This is my favorite reason for Mondays!!

5. Okay, so I could only come up with 4 for now… I see another Monday love post in the future…


I was only a week late at joining the#sittogetfit challenge but it is better late than never!


What are your Reasons to Love Mondays??

Please share as, clearly, I need more reasons.

Anyone started the #sittogetfit challenge?


  1. Happy Monday to you! Being one week closer to the marathon is incredibly exciting and a great way to look at it.

  2. hahah the interesting facts!! 50% late for work mondays---yes usually about 10 mins late mondays now that i think of it

    yay for marathon training!

    my reason to love monday...hmmm....Bachelorette? LOL that sounds horrible but so true


  3. I like the return of the weekly routine on Monday!
    My oldest son had a 7th grade History teacher who loved Mondays and he passed along his enthusiasm to his students just by being happy and positive - it was great to see!

  4. Sugar Coated SheridanJuly 8, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    Those facts are a little scary, but a little funny at the same time :)

  5. Charlotte@CommitnessToFitnessJuly 8, 2013 at 3:45 PM

    I think I agree most with the "fresh start" concept. i have to admit, monday mornings are probably my most productive time of the week, work wise. after that it all goes downhill til the weekend :) but getting a week closer to a goal is always a great thing too! happy monday!

  6. Yes. Super pumped and hope I can keep going towards my goal. Thanks

  7. Hey that's a great reason. I will be watching it for sure tonight.

  8. What a great thing for a teacher to do. Gotta teach them positive thinking when they are sti young and impressionable. It is so much more difficult the older they get.

  9. Too true lol

  10. Thanks and same to you!