Friday, July 5, 2013

I am a Morning Person, I Swear!

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

I love early mornings. I love being the first one up, the one to make the coffee, the first one to crack open the morning newspaper Flipboard on the iPad. But I CAN'T run. I don't know why and it really bugs me. I've read all the little articles with tips on how to be a morning runner but nothing really seems to work. Usually this isn't too big of a deal as I will run on my lunch break or after work, but being up at the cottage on holidays means that I can only run first thing in the morning before Michelle heads back to town to go to work. I made it out once this week. ONCE. Monday was our holiday here in Canada and I got out then no problem, then Tuesday I rolled out of bed and did 10K with the sun coming up...but since then, nada.

The one early run I actually did do this week

I set my alarm to go out on Wednesday morning, hit snooze twice, and then when my alarm went off for the third time I actually yelled at it "Oh it's NOT HAPPENING!" and shut the thing off. Thursday was no better, I didn't even attempt to get up and run. Then last night I made sure to lay out my clothes and shoes in a neat pile by the bathroom to get up and do 8 miles this morning, and I even woke up 15 minutes before my alarm. I thought it seemed darker than usual, but oh well. I went and brushed my teeth then took a peek outside. It was raining. I mean, seriously...I am a morning person but apparently I'm not meant to be a morning runner!

"Neither Rain, nor Snow..." Ah forget it, I'm not the mailman!

It has been a very enjoyable week up here at the cottage...I made a deal with myself the first day off that I would only allow myself one chore per day. I am on vacation after all! So on Tuesday I cut the grass, then counterbalanced that with a nice bike ride with the kids. Wednesday I cleaned out the boat, and it started raining immediately thereafter, so I sat on the porch with my book. Thursday I took apart the BBQ and gave it a proper cleaning out, which led to the need to clean the patio as well as the power washer did a number on my grills. After that I took the kids down to the beach and even got in the water for the first time this year. Sadly it is still freezing cold! Ah the Great Lakes.


Poor Kennedy received some sad news this week too, one of her best friends at school is moving away at the end of the summer to a city an hour away from us. This is devastating news in the life of a 10 year old girl and I have been dealing with bawling fits the last few days. Sometimes dads just don't know what to do. Fortunately, moms usually do know what to do, and Michelle picked up Kennedy's friend last night after work on her way back up to the cottage and surprised Kennedy with an impromptu sleepover! We took the kids down to the beach for a nice walk (Jackson found a sand-speedboat to play in) and then we made s'mores at the campfire before the girls went to bed watching Oz (the movie about the wizard, not the cable television prison drama). I woke up for a minute some time after 1:00 and could still hear the muted giggles in the other room. Moms are pretty smart :)

Go Go Speed Racer

It's always hard to see your children upset, so it was really nice to see Kennedy so happy again last night.

Are you able to run first thing in the morning? Any tips to share?

What things have you done to cheer up your kids when they're down?


  1. Sugar Coated SheridanJuly 5, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    Yay mom!!! I swear, I don't know what happens when you have a child, but you being a mom gives you super powers!!

  2. Keep pushing through, Michelle! Use those Mom powers :) Happy Weekend!

  3. Thanks...I think my "best" super power is having eyes on the back of my head :)

  4. Thank-you...Thanks for checking us out! (if you also have a blog please feel free to leave your link - I'd love to check you out too!). Same to you - hope you have better weather in your forecast than what we weekend

  5. My pleasure! Please head over to Stay dry!

  6. Hooray for Mom saving the day!!!
    I have trained myself to run/workout first thing in the morning and now I actually prefer it - no time to ever talk myself out of it and nothing else gets in the way that early (5ish).
    My husband hates to workout in the morning which is funny because he is much more of a morning person than I am - just not a morning runner!!!
    I like your idea of just doing 1 task a day - I might start trying that out!!

  7. Well I certainly know where your husband is coming from!
    The one task a day has worked out accomplish something and don't feel guilty taking it easy since your to-do list is to-done ;)

  8. The only way I run in the morning is because I always meet up with a friend two days during the week, and my running group on Saturdays! This past week my girlfriend has been sick and those runs have NOT happened!!!!!

  9. Ah yes, peer pressure...the greatest motivator of all!