Monday, July 15, 2013

Wowzers What a Weekend

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

The humidity finally broke here over the weekend and that led to us being able to enjoy the great outdoors again.  I started by getting in a great 10 mile run on Friday and was able to beat my previous 10-mile PR by over two minutes!


We had a few things on the schedule for Saturday that would keep us in town, a very rare summer weekend occurrence, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and grab a quick dinner out with the kids.  We went out to the new 5 Guys they recently opened not too far from us and had some burgers and fries…always a good idea!  I must confess though, you would be hard pressed to find the actual burger in my patty since I add so many toppings…pickles, tomato, grilled onion, etc etc.  Plus, I always opt for the "Little Burger" as it is more than enough for me.  There aren't many things more embarrassing as a man than going to a restaurant and ordering the "Little Burger".

Kennedy waiting for her 5 Guys Burger and Fries

We also had a chance to go visit one of Michelle's old friends that we hadn't seen for years…he has two boys and one is the same age as Jackson so the boys got to play together (and had a blast, of course).  There was even a campfire to sit around so I could do what I normally do on a Friday night at the cottage : )

Loaded up on the Tennent's for a good Friday night

On Saturday we went to the Great Lakes Copper Family Picnic at East Park.  Michelle's Dad retired from Wolverine Tube years ago and they have since been bought out by Great Lakes…they have always put on a great picnic that the kids absolutely love.  Michelle's Dad passed away two years ago but we still get to attend the picnic…it is really nice because I know that it reminds us all of Poppa and we get to have a good time as well.  There were water slides and a cool splash pad for the kids (and dad) to enjoy, then we went and had a great lunch in the park.  Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, beef and pulled pork…something for everyone.  All kinds of salads as well…all in all a really good meal.  After that we were given tickets to use for some of the other attractions at the park…we chose the go-karts where Kennedy and I lapped the competition.  Lots of fun!

Kennedy taking a rare break from the water slides
Jackson taking charge at the Splash Pad

After the picnic we went over to Michelle's cousins house to celebrate her Aunt and Uncle's 50th Anniversary…50 years!!  They have a nice big pool there, so the kids continued to grow gills with the swimming theme and of course, being a party, there was lots of great food.  We had chicken and beef skewers on the BBQ and tonnes of salad to choose from.  Dessert was one of Michelle's favs, Costco Cake!  I also got to have some trifle, which is a delish British dessert that I highly recommend.

Once the party was done (or at least when we left…who knows how long they kept going!), we jumped in the Jeep and headed up to the cottage.  It's always a nice drive when we have the top down…love that feeling of the open roof on the open road.  We had a nice family walk on the beach once we got up to the cottage where the kids got to see a rare sight…

Some guy out for a ride on the beach

We took the kids up to see the horse and Kennedy was able to pet it…it was a two year old mare, and a really beautiful animal.

We had a campfire that night at my parent's place and then off to bed after a long, fun, tiring day.

Sunday was unfortunately a return to the hot, humid weather we had most of last week…I managed to get in my long run but it was not pleasant.  I did 30K and was beat after the first 20.  It was a real struggle to get the last 10K in, but when I did it felt like a real accomplishment.  I definitely needed a shower and then an afternoon at the beach, and I managed to do both.


Did anyone race this weekend?  How did you do?


Who likes water parks?  What are your favourite things to do there?


  1. Sugar Coated SheridanJuly 15, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    Looks like a wonderful weekend! I didn't do any racing this weekend, but got in a nice jog last night :)

  2. Ya it was a nice weekend Beth...did you get out for your run or were you confined to the treadmill? How's the heat in your neck of the woods right now?

  3. Wow - so many fun/family filled events this weekend!!! Sounds like lots of great food, and fun in the water for sure. Glad you still got in your runs (bummer for the humidity - it's bad here, too!).
    I enjoy water parks with wave pools - I really just like to lay out - no rides for me!! But my boys love the rides!

  4. No wave pool at this park unfortunately, but we go to an indoor water park in Niagara Falls during the winter months and they have one...lots of fun!
    I think North America in general has been stuck in some sort of perpetual humidity...seems everyone is suffering more than usual this summer.