Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Running Inspiration

Posted by Anonymous

Congrats to the 2 CRM's for doing the Du. Once again I had Race Envy but it was so great to be able to be there and see them race!

I have been digging my heals in a little lately and procrastinating doing some if my long runs. I am comfortable with distances I have done before but with training for my first full marathon I am getting into distances I have never done before. It's difficult and I realize it is more a battle of the mind. I turned to google for some inspiration and here are a couple things that have helped me refocus.


Each time I have completed a new long distance for myself I think "wow, I did that and I didn't hate it".


I recently placed an order with Gymdoll.


This is what I have to remind myself. I want to do this and I will so I have to "suck it up" and go for it.

Running is truly a joy for me and I feel so great when I am out there running so I will keep remembering how I feel when I am done as I add on the kilometres.


Who loves Long Runs??

What is the longest distance you have ever run?


  1. Go girl! I love the gymdoll top!

  2. I do!! 42 miles is my longest to date but that will change this fall.

  3. Thank you

  4. 42 mikes??? Wow! That is cray cray!! Good for you

  5. Love love love Gymdoll! I have the skull with the cross bones (that are weight bars) tank top and I love it, so comfy!

    Longest I have ever run is 26.8 something miles. It was during a marathon but due to shitty tangent running and so many people I ran long...errr that sucked! :)

  6. Wow, hats off to you girl! I can't wait until I can say I ran that long! I also have that tank top. So cute!

  7. I love my long runs...furthest so far is a little over 32K, about 20 miles.

    I do not own any Gymdoll, nor will I ever...

  8. I'm with you on dreading the long runs but you sound like you have a great attitude developing!!
    Emma@ a mom runs this town . com

  9. You are a machine though! I am sure you could borrow M's if you wanted to

  10. Thanks Emma!

  11. 26.2 is my longest! I enjoyed the long training runs since I usually ran them with friends. Congrats on your training. I will have to check out Gymdoll.

  12. Thanks Teresa! I think I will enjoy them more in the cooler weather.

  13. Your new tank is adorable!
    I love long runs as long as I'm mentally prepared for it. The longest distance for me is 13.25 only because a race course as off a bit.