Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tangent Tuesday

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Ready for some randomness today?!?....good!


We have officially booked our winter holidays!!!! I haven't started an official countdown yet - since I have a few trips to Florida before we head to Mexico (I know...tough life), but I am beyoooond excited, for a whole lotta nothing other than some hot sun, cold drinks and some good eats!!!


Speaking of Florida, Mike booked us yesterday for a couples massage at Saratoga Springs after his marathon in January! I haven't gone for a massage in over 10 years....and I get to go with Mike - it'll make it even better!




I can't get enough of this snack...plain Greek yogurt with grapes....sooooo delish, so much so, I actually eat it twice a day!

What's your randomness today?


  1. Kerry @cookcleanrundreamNovember 25, 2014 at 11:07 AM

    HungryRunnerGirl was on to something with the cottage cheese and grapes. One of my favorite snacks and this comes from someone that couldn't stomach cottage cheese prior to this year. Something about that combination. My random .. umm .. I turn 40 in two days and find it quite depressing. haha.

  2. mmm I love how you cut the grapes up too!! And hello, Mexico!! So amazing!