Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Fav's

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Happy Friday friends!!! And I am excited that it's actually a proper Friday for me (typically from Sept - April I work on Saturday's), but I'm OFF tomorrow!!!! Yieppe!!! 'cause we are heading to Kingston to visit with Mike's sister and her family. They moved back in August, so this is the first visit we'll be making to their new place. We're excited to go spend some time with them, and the kids are stoked to see their cousins! Being Friday and all...let's just jump right in...




This is certainly not a "fav" in the sense that I like feeling like this...but I am already waaay past December and feeling like we've only had about 4 days of snow so far, but the temperatures have been ridiculously freezing Steaming mad's going to be a long winter



To keep me warm for the next few months - I am all about flannel



Love, love, love the holidays, and although out Christmas tree is not up yet, I scored this beauty from Costco on clearance last's beginning to look a lot like Christmas



Who knew you could be sweating so much after just 5 min of starting your workout?!? This is the circuit workout plan that my AP partner gave me this week...and although it seems "easy" on paper...this is no joke. Definitely a 30min kick ass workout



Although we haven't booked our trip yet, we are VERY close to doing so, but even just researching places puts me in a better mood, to know that we will have some reprieve from all this winter suckyness!!!!

...and that's been pretty much my week in a nutshell...happy weekend friends!!!!

What are your plans this weekend?


  1. That last picture makes me happy - I need a beach vacation!!!

  2. Love that flannel on you! Have a great weekend!