Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Runner's Problems

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

As runners we all have our unique problems…be it staying healthy, finding the right long run fuel or simply finding the time to sneak in our daily miles, the life of a runner can be a challenge.

One of the problems I have is finding pants that fit me properly.  You see, I have what some people have described as "mother calves".  My calves are kinda humongous, and it means that my pant legs always get caught on them, often times making it look like I'm preparing for flood waters to arrive.  It also requires that I use two hands to peel them off.  The calf issue is compounded by the fact that I can only really wear slim fit or skinny jeans…I basically swim in anything else and look ridiculous.  Michelle told me the other day that it looked like my calves were about to burst through my jeans…seriously, I never had these problems before running (back when I had a waistline to match my "mother claves").


I have been able to get in runs on 5 of the 6 days since we got back from Florida, so that's going well.  I did happen upon another one of those problems only runners really deal with though…Saturday's run up at the cottage was in near-freezing conditions.  To add to that fun it was also raining (very cold rain) and there was plenty of wind thrown in as well.  When I got back from my run I could barely feel my fingers and toes, but as I began to thaw out I realized my nipples were burning.  Yup, I had the dreaded nipple chafing.  Man does that hurt!  I band-aided up and tried to move around without my nipples touching my shirt (ya right).


There's also the runner's problem of fighting with your weight, and of course the food choices we make.  I often get into the mindset that if I eat such-and-such I damn well better go for that run (see cupcake above).  This is a silly one but one that many of us deal with.  In the grand scheme of things, one cupcake isn't going to cost you that PR…a box a cupcakes, maybe…but it is okay to indulge now and then.  I always tell Michelle that it is better to just eat that cookie you are craving than to deny yourself, because when you deny it for so long and finally give in (as we all usually do), the floodgates open and that one cookie turns into a bag of cookies, amiright?


With just nine weeks to go until I run the Disney Marathon, I'm starting my own version of #mcm on Instagram.  I won't be posting my Man-Crush Monday…I'm going with my Mouse-Crush Monday.  Mickey was the obvious first choice this week…stay tuned for other famous mice in the weeks to come Smile

What are some runner's problems you suffer from?

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  1. Oh, runner's problems!!!
    I have to buy jeans too big for my waist to fit my thighs - part of why I prefer skirts and leggings!!! And the eating/weight is even worse when we are sidelined by an injury and can't run - I'm struggling with that right now - so I just keep eating!!!