Monday, November 17, 2014


Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Happy Monday friends! …so let's just jump right into my MIMM today Open-mouthed smile



Friday night date night…plus 1…

With the new food plan that I have been following…on it I get 1 cheat meal a week…so early in the week Mike and I had decided that since we were going to be kid free (K was heading to a youth conference…and J was going to hang with his cousins) that we would start up our Friday date nights again…head to the pool for a swim session and then grab some late night apps…last minute plans changed, and J ended up staying home with us after all…so we skipped our pool date, and all 3 of us headed out at 9pm (that’s when the apps go ½ price…remember we are cheap after all) for some munchies (aka. My cheat meal). We had a nice time together, and then not long after J finished eating he fell asleep in our booth…so then that gave Mike and I a chance to connect and talk with each other.


Saturday night we got together with some friends and played some board games. It was nice to get together and fellowship with one another – we all had a great time…so much so…that by the time we decided to wrap up with our games…it was almost 1:30am…you know what they say…time flies when you’re having fun…and that we did!


I am so thankful for the life that we have, and feel so blessed. I really appreciate being able to teach my kids – that this time of year is for GIVING, and that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. There are a number of charities that our church is supporting and collecting for this holiday season – one of them being our local crisis pregnancy centre. Our church puts on a dinner for the mothers and little ones there, and before that you can sign out Christmas stockings that you then fill for either the mother or child that you received, and then at the dinner that they host for them, they present them with all the gifts. This year our family received a mother and a child…so over the course of the last week – we headed out shopping to try and bring some holiday cheer to others. It’s a great lesson for the children – and I am so happy that they understand – and WANT to do these type of things when the opportunity presents itself.


Started my morning off right – and headed to 6am spin class (despite being woken up at 4:40am by J…and never falling back asleep)


I don’t think that this was so marvelous…but I am choosing to see the silver lining. This morning as I was walking into work, I fell in the parking lot...and then as soon as I stood up and was wiping myself off...the snow slid off the roof of the building, and landed right on top of my head and slid down my face…not cool….BUT, at least I didn’t break anything…I’m just going to have a sore tushie for the next little while.

Thanks Katie for hosting today.

What was something marvelous for you this week?


  1. Oh no lady! Sorry to hear about the fall but glad you are ok. Way to go for getting some spin cycle in!! Great way to start the morning despite the early wake up call. I love giving back during the holidays as well...they do an angel tree at my church so I definitely plan on participating.

  2. I probably would have felt the need to go home and go back to bed after the fall and the snow sliding onto your head.
    Glad y'all are bringing back Friday night date nights - even if you have a +1!!

  3. I'm glad you didn't get hurt too bad when you fell. I think I would've laughed if I fell and then had a bunch of snow fall right on my head. Like "really"?? Lol!
    Glad you had a good date night and time with friends!