Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Feeling Fab

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope ya'll are doing well...I still have some catching up to do in the blog world...so bear with me as I am still getting back into the swing of things.


The other week before we headed on vacation, I mentioned that I had received a package in the mail from Fabletics. If you are not familiar with this brand...basically what the jist of it is...you sign up and become a VIP member (you answer a few questions, they create a profile on you) from there they put together their "top picks" of outfits for you...then you can shop the outfits that have a min of 2 pieces (some type of top and bottom) that start at $49.95...and on top of it all...you're very first outfit is 1/2 price!!!! Then on the 1st of every month is when something new (like colour, print, new styles/products etc.) is put together and emailed to you for your monthly choice of outfits...you then have until the 5th of the month to choose your outfit...otherwise they charge your credit card for $49.95...and then that goes as a credit on your account with them, for you to shop at another time. I read all the fine print before signing up, and you can cancel at anytime...so I really figured that I had nothing to loose. So last month here are the outfits I purchased


They arrived and I loved them both. Next step was to try them on and see how they actually fit. They definitely fit true to size (the same as the size I wear at Lululemon). And here is the outfit that I received this month


And then I also added on and purchased this


The blue leggings that I received last month are the same style as the mulberry ones that I choose this month - and they are called Salar. If you own any Lululemon they are exactly the same pant as the Wunder Under (which I do own 3 pairs of). I find the styling, cut, seaming and size all to be on par with the lulu brand ones, the only difference I could tell enough to point out, is that the Lulu ones are a smidge more stretchy...and I mean only a smidge. I have wore my Fabletics ones now for multiple workouts and I am happy to report that they passed the test! They move with your body, but also stay in place. No issues thus far with chaffing or anything else. They also wash up great. I wash them the same as I do my lulu and hang to dry.

I have worn the tops that I have received as well, but not to workout in yet...the ones that I have chosen are are more of a throw on to wear to and fro type tops for me. They are all a thinner fabric - which in my opinion makes them super soft and comfy!

I am VERY happy that I decided to give Fabletics a try. So let's break this down...and run the #'s...the Salar pants that I picked for the last 2 months...I also received a top with both...and I paid $49.95 for the outfit...compared to just the pants at Lulu...their price is $82-$98 depending on the print/fabric you choose...I can purchase 2 months worth of outfits for the price of 1 pair of pants. (That I like equally as much). So to me it's a no brainer...and I think, for the most part (unless I'm shopping the "we made too much" section), for the time being, I'll stick with my new find!

Have you tried Fabletics?

Have you been lovn' lulu lately?!?


  1. I just purchased my first outfit after I asked you about it on IG! It arrives on Friday, it's a cobalt blue jacket with black Capri pants! $25 was a great price even if I decide I don't care for it, but I have a feeling I will. I've just got into running and never realized how expensive the fear can be. Thanks for the review!

  2. Kerry @cookcleanrundreamNovember 11, 2014 at 11:44 AM

    Whelp based on your recommendations I signed up. I just received my second purchase. I agree the fabrics are super soft. If I'm being honest I don't LOVE the pants as much as Lulu. But for the price they are really good. Have you ever tried Zella leggings from Nordstrom? I LOVE those. With that said I still have my VIP membership. I did order a sports bra this last month and I LOVE that. It has a strappy back and is very comfortable.

  3. I don't have either one - Lululemon stuff or Fabletics but I might have to check into the Fabletics.