Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Well, we’re all packed up and ready to head out as soon as the kids get home from school today…whoot whoot!!!! Disney really is our happy place, and we are beyond excited to head out on family vacation and create some wonderful memories together.

There are a lot of thing that I love doing at Disney – so today I thought I would share with you 5 things that I am really looking forward to during our trip this week.



Staying at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa:

“Victorian elegance meets modern sophistication at this lavish bayside Resort hotel. Relax in the sumptuous lobby as the live orchestra plays ragtime, jazz and popular Disney tunes. Bask on the white-sand beach, indulge in a luxurious massage and watch the fireworks light up the sky over Cinderella Castle.” (Source Disney.com)

…and starting at $496/night…this will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience for us (we used points…so luckily we did not need to pay that hefty price tag)

…and I think I can handle this for the day tomorrow


2) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


This is a new-to-us ride. It opened earlier this year (but after K and I were there in May…boo), so we are really excited to try out this new ride! We already have 2 fastpasses booked for it (means that we have a “reserved” time to go on the ride – that way we don’t need to wait hours in line to ride it)

“Whistle a cheery “Heigh-Ho” because the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is rolling into New Fantasyland!

Just like in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, make your merry way across the rolling stone bridges and through a forest where you’ll find the Dwarfs’ cottage and all the stars from the film: Sleepy, Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey and, of course, Snow White herself.

Then, grab your lantern and your map, and hold on tight…it’s time to ride into the mine “where a million diamonds shine” on the rockingest, rollingest, twistiest train ride ever!

Feel a rush of excitement, and enchantment too, as you take off on this first-of-its-kind ride system: swinging up and down large lifts, cruising across sharp banks and swaying around exhilarating hairpin turns.

So get ready to rock around like never before—there’s new kind of excitement rocking back and forth through New Fantasyland!”

3. 'Ohana


Food is something we definitely all look forward to on our trip. We love trying new places (which we do each time we go), but then we also have our “must” visit places on each trip…and this would be it for me!!! It is like a Brazilian steakhouse – with delicious sides, the BEST salad and pineapple bread…my mouth is watering just telling you about it…lol. It overlooks the castle at the Magic Kingdom – so when the fireworks are going on at the park – they actually pipe the music in through the speakers in the restaurant – making it a truly magical experience.

4. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party


The party is always a MUST for us…and I can’t wait to share our family costumes with you this year…make sure you following me on IG – as I’ll be posting throughout our trip! Personally I can’t think of a better place to spend Halloween and go trick-or-treating



“Join Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy as they celebrate the power of believing. Your heart will soar as you hear a medley of famous Disney songs and the voices of Disney characters in the biggest fireworks extravaganza in Magic Kingdom park history. Brilliant colors wash over Cinderella Castle—magenta, azure, periwinkle, pink and even pearly white. Blazing rockets race into the night sky before exploding overhead, leaving trails of smoke that catch the glow. The entire park thunders in the wake of great wish-making, synchronized to an unforgettable musical score.”


Happy Tuesday folks!

What are you up to today?


  1. Y'all are going to have so much fun!!!
    That hotel looks great - always good to be able to use points!!

  2. That hotel looks amazing- even better using points! :) I hope you have a FABULOUS time!!