Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time to go be Awesome

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Good Tuesday morning friends! It was a great long weekend, and while everyone else is back to the grind today, I still have today. One of the benefits of working on Saturdays is that I get a day off during the week - and my day off is typically a Tuesday...which always comes as a bonus on a long weekend!

A few weekends ago my MIL got a membership to the YMCA. One of the great things about the Y is that they have locations almost everywhere you go. Which just so happens to mean that there is one about 10min from the cottage. When she was there signing up the other week, they told her that they were going to start having "group power" (aka BodyPump) on Saturday mornings, so although my MIL and a fellow neighbour were able to make it to class on Saturday...I was off to work - but then with yesterday being a holiday - they had a class yesterday morning too...so we loaded up and headed off to class. I've gotta say, instructors really make or break a class...and yesterday morning we happened to have 2 instructors. The girl did the 1st half of the class and the boy finished teaching the 2nd half. The whole thing felt very choppy right from the very beginning. They would start and stop the music with each track, and the girl talked waaaay too much, didn't know how to count the reps properly and actually didn't have the new release memorized as well as she should have. I would say on at least 3 of the 5 tracks that she taught - the boy was having to correct her...a little annoying is an understatement. Once the boy took over the class flowed a little better, but by then I think it was a little too late. I guess I've just always been pretty spoiled and had REALLY good instructors for BodyPump/group power before, so this one just felt very amateur...hopefully it's just not a small town thing...I'll definitely go back - as I still had a really good workout, and that's what it's all about! ...my body is certainly feeling it today - so I guess in the end they did their jobs - and gave me a workout.


It's just so amazing to me though how much the instructor really makes to the class...I will gladly get out of bed at an un forsaken hour to go to my spin class on Wednesdays or  Fridays (of any other day she is subbing) 'cause she is an AWESOME instructor. She pushes you, encourages you - and keeps the class fun and exciting, but there is an instructor that teaches at the closest gym to me on Tuesday and Thursday...and I just can't bring myself to go back to one of her classes - she's boring, her music sucks, and more importantly - I don't feel like I get the same "good" workout that I get with a better instructor.

Anyhoo...I'm off to the gym now...I still have some thanksgiving dinner to work off Winking smile


Do you prefer a "good" instructor or does it not matter to you?

Any stories to tell about a "poor/bad" experience with an instructor?


  1. Was the girl in training? Hopefully that isn't the norm because I agree - a good instructor is very important!!

  2. Instructors totally make the class. I've gone to a few gyms in the last few years and had various styles of instructors for all classes. The gym I have been at for the last year or so, is pretty strict on who they hire and they do regular evaluations of instructors. But there are still some I prefer over others. Everyone likes different things so it's hard for everyone to like the same instructors.