Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Fav's

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

It's Friday, time to check out my favourite things from this week…

1) Disney World Marathon


Excited to have a goal race on my calendar again, and really interested to see how a 3 month training plan will go.  Truth be told, I've had the marathon bug biting at me for a little while now, so I've already been working on building my base…I'm already at the point where I can run a half marathon every weekend and not think anything of it, so I guess the base is well on it's way.  It will be different this year as I won't be running a Half the day before…let's see what sort of time I can put up when I'm actually racing a runDisney event.  Just try to stop me, Mickey.

2) Pinery Park Road Races


While the marathon is still a few months away, I do have a race on the schedule this weekend…Sunday I'll be running the Pinery Provincial Park 10K.  I haven't raced a 10K for quite a while and it is a punishing distance.  It requires the all-out effort of a 5K for twice the distance…truly a special kind of pain.  I'll be going at it hard and just hope I don't puke afterwards.  My goal going in will be to go under 40 minutes…doable, but tough.

3) New Shoes


I ordered my new Kinvara 5's from Running Warehouse yesterday and my feet can't wait.  My old Kinvara 4's are retired as of today…yesterday's run I was dealing with foot pain (just noticed impact more than I should) and checked out my soles afterwards…there is nothing left in the middle forefoot area.  I think I eked every last mile out of them!  Always nice to get a deal, and ordering through Running Warehouse saved me nearly $60 compared to what I would have paid locally from the big box sports store.

4) Run Streaks

photo 2

I've run every day so far in October and dropped my average pace to 4:11/km (6:42/mile).  I'll run again today at lunch and that will put me over 200K for the month before taking a rest day tomorrow.  The legs are feeling great and the running has become really fun again!

5) Coffee Dates

photo 1

Was lucky enough to get to spend some one-on-one time with this pretty girl earlier this week and we were able to enjoy a beautiful Fall evening on the patio at Starbucks.  This kid is growing up way too fast for her dad, but I love the young woman she is turning into.  Very proud of her.

What are your favourite things from this week?


  1. So many awesome things- Marathons, run streaks, coffee dates. All of it! This has been an 'eh week for me but looking forward to 2 days off of both jobs this weeekend!

  2. I guess I'm spoiled with 2 days off every weekend...something else to be thankful for :)

    Have a great weekend Laura!