Friday, October 10, 2014

Five Friday Fav's

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Happy Friday friends!...and today is even happier in our neck of the woods as it’s a loooooong weekend!!!!!


That’s right ya’ll know what Friday’s mean around here…time to share some of my fav’s from this week.



Although I totally feel like a “bag lady” these days (lol)…it has so totally been worth it!!! I have been having to pack multiple bags as I go to a few early morning classes at 2 different gyms…back to back…I’ve been making sure that I am prepared the night before, so that when my alarm goes off at the butt crack of dawn – I just grab and go (…after I brush my teeth of course Winking smile)



Kennedy and Jackson both love any opportunity to hang out with their cousins…and what a better excuse then celebrating a bday for our nephew last night! It was a great night with family celebrating James' life.



On Wednesday night this pretty little lady and I got to enjoy some quality one-on-one time together. After dropping J off at his Wednesday night program at church (and with Mike out with his friends for the night), K and I went to dinner together. I love, love, love that our kids WANT to be with us, and that they are always so grateful and appreciative when we get to do things together.



It was a verrrrrry cold morning today. When I left the house at 5:30am it was 7 degrees out…and while I spent 2 hours at the gym – it dropped 2 degrees…so by the time I was driving the kids to school – it was only 5 out….brrrrrrrr….so on my way home I stopped at SB and treated myself to a nice warm Skinny Hot Chocolate.



….drum roll please…..the deed for our DVC went through last week, so this week we were actually able to call Disney to book and use some of our points that expire at the end of November. We are flying to Florida the day before we actually “check-in” to our Disney resort, and normally we stay off-site in just some cheapy resort, but since we knew we had points to use or they would expire anyways…we decided to wait to book anything until our DVC was finalized…and we were able to book in for our first night – a 2 bedroom suite at the Grand Floridian!!!!! (this will probably be the one and only time, that we will ever get to stay here – so we are all super stoked!!!!!)

Enjoy your weekend friends!

What was one of your fav’s this week?

What’s your fav dish for thanksgiving?
For me – definitely the stuffing and all the veggies!

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  1. That hotel looks amazing - so cool that y'all are going to get to enjoy a night there!
    And - I can't believe it is already that cold (is that C or F?)!!! We were in the 40s all day with rain and I've been freezing - not ready for cold yet!!