Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Life is back to normal, and as busy as ever for I'm just doing a quick check-in to share my workouts for the last week

Wednesday - nada
Thursday - nada
Friday - spin class
Saturday - walking around Chicago
Sunday - 6k walk
Monday - aqua-fit
Tuesday - aqua-fit x 2
Wednesday - spin class, P90X ab ripper, aqua-fit

As you can probably see, I'm starting to get back at it, after a blaz'a effort for the previous week and a half. This weekend is Thanksgiving for us Canadians - so that means we'll be heading to the cottage - and I am looking forward to getting out for a run!
Last night was boy's haircut night at our handsome does this little man look?!?


It's our nephew's 9th birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday James...we look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow night!!!!!


Anyone celebrating a birthday this month?

Fav workout this week?


  1. Favorite workout so far this week was a lunchtime run in the middle of the work day (today)! Definitely puts more energy into the 2nd part of the day!! Hope you guys are having a rockin' week!

  2. Welcome back:)
    Jackson's hair is cute - do you cut it?
    Sometimes a little workout break is nice - now you are ready to get back into the groove!