Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Birthday & Some Running

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Well as Michelle mentioned the other day, I had a birthday on Monday…36, an inconsequential number if I've ever seen one.  We didn't do much to celebrate…the kids sang me happy birthday and I opened a couple presents.  Kennedy had swimming that night so I stayed home with Jackson…it was a nice, quiet evening though.

My gifts were kinda fun…Michelle got me a Sony Walkman (yup, that Sony Walkman) mp3 player that is just built into some earphones.  They are waterproof and are meant for swimming…I can't wait to try them out!  Anything to make 2000m worth of lengths seem quicker is worth a shot.


The kids got me a big bag of vices…all my favourites were in there, from M&M's to Doritos to Starbucks Via (perfect for travel, like next week in Disney) to Beef Jerky and even a 4-pack of Guinness.  Everything a dad needs Winking smile


Running has been good again this week, and on the heels of my 10K PR I have put in back-to-back runs with sub-40 minute 10K's.  On Tuesday I ran a 3'57" pace and did 10K and on Wednesday I managed to hold a 3'58" pace over 13+ kilometres.  Unheard of paces for me in training, and over longer distances than I have ever run  at those speeds.

image (1)

I'm not really following a plan, I've just been running strong and running a lot.  I am finding that as I run hard, the paces become easier, and now what used to be my tempo paces are just regular training paces.  It has allowed me to find another gear and my speed is really improving.  With that, my endurance is building as well.  This weekend I am signed up to run the Halloween Haunting 10K on Sunday morning and it will be an interesting test as I am planning to get in my long run the day before.  Probably not "ideal" to run a race the day after a long run, but I am curious to see how the legs react under fatigued conditions…good gauge for marathon training.


Anyone else race right after their long run?  How did it go??


  1. Looks like some great Birthday gifts! I'd love to hear how those headphones work out in the water! Your speed lately has been awesome (well always is, but definitely finding new gears!).

  2. I'll have to do a review on them once I put them through some workouts...hoping they work out!
    Just trying to see where these paces take me...I kinda want to just run hard for as long as I can and see how far I get before it all goes up in flames :)

  3. Fun birthday gifts! I have the MP3 headphones - great for running without cords!!!
    Your running is going awesome!!!

  4. Ya I figured that it would be great to not have cords in the way...great for running!