Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

I confessed the other day that I haven't been getting in the mileage that I need for next month's Disney Marathon/Goofy Challenge, and I have been doing all I can since then to get myself ready before it is time to taper.

After my post on Thursday I really wanted to go for a run, but I was working from home and had Jackson with me.  These are usually my forced days off, but I made the decision to get on the treadmill.  Before I started I tried my best to not hate the treadmill…I decided to look at the positives and came up with a few things;

- being able to wear my normal running shoes instead of my winter ones

- I could wear shorts

- Netflix to keep me entertained

- water right there within reach

- being able to feel my fingers

All in all it went pretty well…I find it hard to get going fast on the treadmill and the pacing confuses me, but I think I'll be able to figure this thing out eventually.  Best of all, I can fit in 10K on my lunch on days when I work from home.


Yes, those are Michelle's pink headphones, and no, I wasn't listening to Billy Idol.

Friday was a busy day but I did manage to sneak out for a quick 4 mile run…I knew I didn't have a lot of time but figured I would get in what I could and be happy with it.  I was meeting my buddies that day for FACK (Fellas Annual Christmas at the Keg).  Always lots of fun with plenty of good eats and drinks…I had the Pecan-Crusted Sirloin with a side of Guinness.


After Michelle finished work on Saturday evening we headed up to spend the night at the cottage,.  There was a bit of a snowstorm to deal with getting up there, but I just took it easy and we got there soon enough.  It was beautiful up there…incredibly peaceful and quiet.  I got up on Sunday morning and it was still snowing, but I was determined to get a long run in.  I just love the solitude of running up at the cottage, and it is even more enjoyable in the winter.

image (6)

Fresh powder, just me out there.  It was a nice run and I didn't push too hard.  The footing was poor…uneven and slippery.  While it was snowing pretty good the whole time, it wasn't all that cold except for the times the wind whipped up.

image (4)

Yes, that is snow stuck in my scruff…I'm turning into a real mountain man.  Eventually the wind picked up some more and it was getting quite cold, and my legs were getting pretty sore as well.  I was right back at the cottage and decided that 15 miles were enough…another good run in the books.

Yesterday was another work from home day and I decided to get my run in on the treadmill again after I finished for the day.  I also decided to treat it as an actual recovery run at a nice slow pace, something I never really do, but totally should.  A good use for the treadmill as it dictates the pace, not your ego.  I decided I was going to run for an hour and would just get in however many miles that allowed.  I also decided that a good treadmill treat would be watching TV shows that I know Michelle wouldn't watch with me, so I started a new series.


I enjoyed the first episode so much I'm almost looking forward to running on the treadmill again!  Crazy, I know.  So it is looking like I am almost embracing the treadmill now and I'm feeling much better about getting in a solid few weeks of training before the Goofy Challenge.  Maybe I'll be ready after all.

Any Breaking Bad fans out there?

What do you do to make the treadmill suck less bearable?


  1. I almost read the blog due to the duck lips photo, I was not disappointed.

    I still hate the treadmill. how are you supposed to spit or break wind with so many people around (at work gym). I can't make it suck less.

    I love breaking bad! I started to get caught up, but took a breather again and am watching ARrow on netflex when I get a little time.

  2. WooHoo - look at you turning into a total treadmill lover (well at least not a total hater!!!). Glad you are getting the mileage in again!

  3. Every selfie has you in mind.

    You could be on to something...is it too late for me to ask for a spittoon for Christmas??

    I've seen Arrow on Netflix...sounds like it might be worth a shot?

  4. Lover? Not quite. But seeing that it does have a certain usefulness to it...that's about the nicest thing I'll say about the treadmill.

  5. Definitely rock out to some jams or watch tv/the news on the treadmill helps me! I love doing speed workouts on the 'mill but I'd much rather do a long run outside.

  6. Ya I'm with you there Chelsea...I can't imagine mush more than an hour stuck inside on the treadmill, no thanks!

  7. sharst@sugarplumrunnerDecember 17, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    That's totally the trick for me, finding new exciting shows, songs, or workouts on the treadmill. I actually love running on it during the winter because I HATE being cold. Nice work getting the runs in!

  8. TV shows are doing the trick for me right now, maybe I'll need to try some different workouts on there sometime too

  9. Sugar Coated SheridanDecember 17, 2013 at 10:39 PM

    First, you get bonus points for using a title for your blog post that happens to be one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time! Second, I am absolutely LOVING the pink headphones :)

  10. One of my favourite Christmas songs too Beth...and I know you're just jealous of the pink headphones :)

  11. Good work getting more runs in lately!!! We are on the same page right now with Breaking bad!!! I had promised my brother in law (who LOVES the show) that I would watch it this winter. BUT I made the rule that I can only watch episodes when I am on the bike or treadmill not just on a lazy day. This gives me motivation to get on there!

  12. Definitely the way to go, reward yourself with a show while hating the fact that you're stuck on the treadmill, and all of a sudden 45 minutes are gone and it wasn't so bad. Plus, it makes a season of readily-available TV last more than one super-lazy weekend, as addictive shows have been known to do ;)