Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mosh Posh

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Well friends - it's been a super busy few days since we last caught up. My mom has season tickets to the "London Knights" (our cities Junior A hockey team - who actually happen to be quite good), and so on Friday night I accompanied my mom to the game


They ended up winning 4-0...,with their first 2 goals happening with less than a minute of play left during the 1st period. But more than anything it was nice to spend the evening with my mom.

Saturday I was off to work, and before I left I begged asked Mike very nicely, if he would put up the Christmas tree that day - he gave me some lame excuse about being busy that day working on framing the gym he is building in our basement (Mike BTW I am totally JK)...but I guess he didn't want to listen to me complain when I got home Saturday night - cause him and J put the tree up and decorated it


THANK-YOU Michael!!!!!

Saturday night we had a ton of errands to run - so as soon as I got home we headed out. We were able to get everything checked off our list - including getting signed up for Target's debit card...save 5% every time you shop there - uuummmm YES please. And I was able to get Mike his bday present - a new winter coat...and yes for those of you wondering...it is a month and a half late.

Sunday morning Mike had a race - I'll let him tell you about it tomorrow. So the kids and I headed to church, and then home to pick up Mike - for another day of errands. K had a bday party to be at the movies for 11:30am, so we dropped her off, and then took J on a lunch date


Mike must have still been on a race high 'cause he suggested that we go buy a new Christmas tree that could be our Disney tree. Earlier this year Mike's Nana passed away - and left the family some money. We decided that when we went to Disney, we were going to give the kids each $100 from great-Nana and great-Granddad to spend...but that one thing they had to buy was a Christmas tree ornament - that way it would be something that they would have forever, and create some new family traditions...so that's exactly what we did. New tree and lights purchased and we headed home to put it all together


This week is shaping up to be another crazy week - and you know what - I wouldn't want it any other way!...including - yesterday Mike found a vacation spot for us 3cheaprunners to travel to in February - very excited to have another trip to look forward to - Samana, DR here we come


Anyone score any good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals?!?
I did, but can't share 'cause I bought Christmas presents

Anyone travel anywhere for Thanksgiving?


  1. Love the trees!!!
    I didn't do any shopping on Friday or Monday!
    I think I need to tell Chris that we need to plan a trip to a warm destination - I need something to look forward to!

  2. For 3cheaprunners you guys travel a lot!! Bahaaaaaa Love the idea of a Disney tree!!

  3. The trees look great! I like that you had the kids buy disney ornaments! Something you help remember the awesome trip you had!

  4. You have a daily countdown going...I cannot wait till vacation time!

  5. we are "frugal" in how we spend our $, so that we can travel...I'd rather travel then exchange presents for birthdays or anniversaries!

  6. It was alot of fun - and I can't wait to continue the tradition each year!