Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Countdown is ON!

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning!! Its another beautiful winter morning here in London, Ontario! We had some more snow fall yesterday and everyone is loving it! NOT! Everyone complains and complains and complains! I don’t care for the cold and am very jelly of our Californian friends who don’t have to suffer through this weather, but I do really enjoy how pretty it looks after a snow fall.


Right now, everywhere you go people are talking about how many days left until Christmas.


So what are we all really counting down to?? What is it that gets everyone so excited??

Everyone has their reasons, some are the same, and some are different.

There are a couple reasons Christmas is important to me. The first one being, the true meaning of the Season. It is very important to me to have some time to reflect on the true meaning of the Season.


The second one is, being able to spend time with the people I love. It is the only day of the entire year that we can be sure we are all not working so we can be together!

This is what I look forward to and count down the days for!!

Plain and simple, there it is folks!

My running has improved somewhat this week. Yesterday, I got 2 of 5 planned runs in for the week, and this morning, I got number 3 of 5 in!


What is it that you countdown the days ‘til Christmas for??

Does your running schedule suffer this time of year??



  1. I get excited for Christmas to see family. My family is semi-spread out (some more than others) so Christmas is the only time I actually see certain family members (aside from Weddings and Funerals).

    This year is insanely exciting for me. On Christmas Eve we will actually have my sister and her hubby and their son, my parents, aunt and uncle, my cousin and her 2 kids (who live on oregon so I never see them!) and my fiance. Getting all the little ones together is going to be so much fun. I may not have my own but being a godmother and aunt has amazing perks!

  2. We don't get together with any extended family at Christmas.
    I just enjoy the time that I get to spend with my boys & husband!!!

  3. To spend time with my family and friends :)

  4. That sounds so nice Laura!!!

  5. I am sure that time is very enjoyable!!