Monday, December 16, 2013

Catching Fire and Another Christmas Party

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Good morning! Happy Monday!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Last week I finally got to go see Catching Fire.


It was everything I thought it would be! I can’t wait to watch it again!

In the summer, Kennedy started reading the first book, “The Hunger Games”, and Mike’s mom had also read the series, so the 3 of us decided when the next movie came out that we were going on a date!


We made sure to get the mandatory snacks!


And that was everything I thought it would be too!

Friday night was my annual “Ya Ya” Christmas party with these lovely ladies!


At one point in time, all of us worked together at where I currently work. It has been over 11 years since we all worked together. None of them work with me anymore, I am the only loser loyal one that still works at the same place!!! This was our 11th year of this Christmas party. We labeled ourselves the “Ya Ya Sisterhood” after the movie. We are 6 women, ranging in age from 35-59 and have all come from very different walks of life. It is amazing that we can all come together and share our life experiences and encourage each other along! I feel very blessed to know each of these women!

My December running schedule has not been good! I was sick for a couple weeks and didn’t get in my runs like I should have been. This week is a new week so I am hoping for a better go at it this week. So far, I have 1 run in and hope to get at least 3 more with a long run on the weekend!


Any “Hunger Game” fans out there??

How is your running going for December so far???


  1. Very little running here right now (sick).
    I love that you have a group of ladies who you get together with like that - so fun!!!

  2. I thought you were going to say someone caught on fire. Good thing the title was misleading. ;)
    That's so cool you guys still keep in contact and hang out. And movie theater popcorn is hands down the BEST ever!!

  3. Bahaha, my plan to trick you all worked!!!

  4. Its that time of year I guess! Hope you get better soon!

  5. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonDecember 18, 2013 at 8:28 AM

    Hope your week of running is going better. I saw the first Hunger Games movie, and have read the books. Now I need to watch the new one! Hopefully this weekend.

  6. LOVE hunger games. I read all the books so I get really excited for the movies. Although my patience will have to be good since the last book is going to be made into 2 movies!

  7. Yes, watch it! The story gets better and better!

  8. I heard that, so its true??? ugh