Friday, December 13, 2013

Would You Rather...Christmas Edition

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

It's been awhile since I did one of these with the Christmas holiday right around the corner...let's have some fun with a holiday edition.


Have to loudly sing the chorus of Jingle Bells every time you walk into a room for a week    or    have to wear a Santa suit to work every day for a week?
Who doesn't love a good costume - suit me up (and besides I am always frreeezzzzing - so maybe this would keep me a bit warmer)


Make presents for your family instead of buying them    or    make ornaments for your Christmas tree instead of buying them?
hhhmmmm, I'm not super crafty, but I could bake or make a scrapbook or something like that - so I'll go with gifts

Not celebrate Christmas this year    or    not celebrate your birthday this year?
Christmas is my absolute hands down favourite holiday - and I like spreading the holiday cheer, truly my birthday is just another day (and perhaps a change in age group for races...hehe)

Have Frosty the Snowman for a friend    or    Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer for a friend? 
I  like the heat - so Frosty wouldn't last long, so I'll go with Rudolf - and besides he'd be a great light source in the dark...and who hasn't always wanted a pony...I guess this is the next best thing ;)

Have mistletoe hanging in your bedroom doorway    or    have a large decorated Christmas tree in your bedroom doorway?
I love my Christmas trees (yes plural) but this would be in the way just far too much - and besides I'll take a kiss anytime

Have Christmas tree tinsel for hair    or    have fingernails that light up like Christmas lights?
My hair's already got enough issues, so I'll go with light up finger nails...seriously - how cool would that be?!?

Be at home on Christmas and get lots of presents    or    go to Disney for Christmas but not get any presents? is not about material things, but rather about creating memories together with those you love

Eat your cereal with eggnog instead of milk    or    eat a candy cane sandwich?
I don't like eggnog, but I do like candy canes - so a candy cane sandwich it is

Live in a giant gingerbread house    or    ride on the Polar Express?
Have you seen the life size gingerbread house they have at Disney - how cool of a home would that be...and your house would smell amazing all the time


Write a five paragraph essay about the meaning of Christmas    or    solve a page of Christmas-themed math problems?
* nerd alert * I actually really like math. It was always my favourite subject at school

Visit the north pole    or    visit Bethlehem?
Have I told you before how much I hate the cold?!?!? Bethlehem would be a really cool experience - so much history there

Be given $100 for Christmas to buy things for yourself    or    be given $1000 before Christmas to use to buy gifts for other people?
Buy for other people - for me - that's what makes this holiday special - I mean God gave us all the greatest gift for Christmas, so it is so nice being able to bless others

Have a job wrapping presents at the mall    or    have a job taking pictures of children sitting on Santa's lap at the mall? 
Pass me the tape. I don't think I would have the patience to deal with all those parents and children


Spend a day watching Christmas videos    or    spend a day Christmas shopping at the mall?
What girl doesn't love shopping - and this time of year is a great excuse to do lots of it!

Well there you have it it's your turn - pick a few to answer below!

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your Friday the 13th


  1. We match up on a lot of those - I'm all about the math problems and I would much rather take $1000 and shop for others. And, I think light-up nails would be awesome!!!

  2. I would visit Bethlehem, PA to go see all my buddies at Runners's World :)

  3. This season is really all about giving - that is for sure my fav part of this time of year

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