Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perfectly Acceptable and Christmas Celebration #1

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning! Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Monday, I came down with a wonderful thing called Strep Throat!


Tis the season for being sick right?? I hate being sick! I had big plans for running and the gym this week and being sick did not fit into those plans! Instead I had to rest and get feeling better.  

It's perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream at every meal when you have strep....


And have several hot baths throughout the day, right??


I started feeling better last night which was just in time to head to a family Christmas with my dad. He is heading to Hong Kong for 3 weeks so will not be here to celebrate Christmas.

It was just a chill time spent sitting around, eating and chatting.

I failed to get pics of any food except my piece of dessert.


Then we had a photo shoot, and at that, I failed to get a pic of my dad and his wife (a lot of blogging fails here). I kept trying but apparently not hard enough.


It was a great night with a lot of laughs. I left with a full belly and sore cheeks!

How many different Family Christmas gatherings do you have over the season?

Anybody going away from home for Christmas?


  1. Bummer about getting sick!! sending positive vibes your way!! Looks like a good time at the Christmas party though! I have multiple celebrations with various parts of our families, makes for some travel but not a crazy amount.

  2. Why would you take a picture of anything other than your dessert?!
    last few years I get sick the week of (US) Thanksgiving, and my wife follows after that, then repeat around Christmas!
    I'm glad you are feeling better!
    Family gatherings..I have no idea, it is all on my wife's side, she might tell me lol

  3. Thanks Laura

  4. I know right!! Thanks Declan. I hope for your sake she does tell you.

  5. Hope the meds have done their job and you are feeling better!!!
    We don't have any family get together for Christmas - sort of weird but just how it is. We just end up doing stuff with friends.

  6. Strep throat is no fun! I hope you get better soon! Yes, ice cream is perfectly acceptable to eat at all meals when you have strep!

  7. Thanks Kim.

  8. It is right?! Thanks :)