Thursday, December 19, 2013

Video Holiday Favourites

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Almost another week done. Man-oh-man where has all the time been going lately?!? Thanks to Rhoda - Mike and I were able to get out last night - and finish up a lot of the "little things" that are needed for Christmas...we were on a mission - and we did very well - now I just have a few last minute things to pick up for Mike, and then I'll be all done. I've been super good at keeping up with my wrapping this year (usually I don't even start until about 11pm on Christmas Eve) do have this all done


(As a side not yesterday Jackson told me that he doesn't think that Santa's going to come to our house 'cause we already have too many presents, and there isn't any room for him to bring any...good thing most of these presents are for other people and not us - we wouldn't want to miss out on a visit from Santa!)

I'm pretty ecstatic about it...that is until I look at this pile that was purchased yesterday - that I now have to wrap


Good thing I've still got 6 days to get this all done!
On Tuesday Jackson had his first ever school concert - and Mike and I are pretty blessed with flexibility in our work schedules when it comes to things like this - so Jackson was pretty excited that we were able to be there to see him I'll label this video "favourite little people concert I attended this week"
(Jackson is in the front row - third from the left in the red shirt)

We all know how happy we are when our flight gets delayed at the airport...but as the gentleman says in the video..."when life hands you lemons...sing". This one I'll call "favourite way to pass time when stuck at an airport"

This next one is the "favourite Christmas card ever". It's been floating around quite a bit this week - it's a bit longer of a video - but well worth the watch from start to finish...what a great way to catch everyone in your life up on the events that happened in your life over the past year

What's your favourite video of the week that I need to go check out?

Are you all done your wrapping?

What's your favourite cold weather drink?


  1. You are reminding me that I still need to wrap my gifts!! Good gracious I really need to get this done!

  2. I must admit - I was starting to get a little worried - 'cause stuff we had ordered like 3 weeks ago hadn't arrived yet - but thankfully they have all shown up this week!

  3. When short on time - just buy Christmas bags to plunk the gifts in - voila wrappying is complete ;)

  4. Christine@ Apple of My EyeDecember 19, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    I'm so jealous that you have most of your Christmas shopping done. I went to the mall today for two hours and did not find a single thing. UGH! ;)

  5. Sugar Coated SheridanDecember 19, 2013 at 10:33 PM

    As good as you have done with your wrapping=as bad as I have done with mine! I haven't even started this year!!

  6. You should try adding a little bit of peppermint - it taste just like peppermind schnapps!

  7. I guess I don't find it too bad 'cause I really do enjoying picking presents out for others!

  8. Trust me when I say - this concept is all new to me :)