Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Motivation

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning! Monday’s are great right?? I admit, sometimes it is difficult to drag my sorry butt out of bed on Monday mornings but lately I have been learning to appreciate them more and more. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the weekends but Monday’s are like a weekly reset button for me. Back in July I wrote about Mondays and the 10 things I love about them…mmmkay, I only came up with 5… so here are 5 more…

1. It’s a brand new week, nothing has gone wrong yet!


2. If something does goes wrong, there is a whole week to fix it!!


3. All my favorite blogs are boasting about their weekend events so I get to live vicariously!


4. A new week of television resumes!


5. I am a 50/50 Introvert/extrovert person, so the weekends are generally filled with people, so Monday nights I aim to have time by myself.


So you see, they are not so bad after all.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

What is 1 thing you love about Mondays?


What is 1 great thing you did on the weekend?


  1. I love the feeling of going into a week caught up - laundry, rest, grocery shopping....Some Monday's I don't have that feeling because not everything got done over the weekend but that is always my goal!

  2. I love your perspective on Mondays! I always feel good starting the week when I get a lot done during the weekend, but if I didn't, I dread them!

  3. I agree that makes for a great start to the week.

  4. That could make for a long week.