Friday, October 11, 2013

Lazy Dayz

Posted by Anonymous

Happy Friday! Who's looking forward to the weekend?? I am, I am! We are In Chicago now, ramping up for Mike's big day!

This week has been a lazy week for me. I had the week off so after I had most of my stuff unpacked and put away from my move I have just been enjoying some down time.
I started off by making a big ol pot of Chili.

I was able to spend some chatting time with a sister and enjoy a glass or two of wine.

I went for a few runs on the path that, is now, right outside my front door. I even got my sister out with me one morning.

Since moving, my back and neck have been killing me so I decided to get some repair work done.

It's no secret that I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then so a month or so ago, I put down a couple batches, so I went and bottled it this week.

And the finished product.

I even indulged in some Wendy's. Since I am on vacay, it's ok to make a couple of bad food choices.... Right??

Now, I will enjoy the rest of my time off in Chicago! Until next week friends!

Tell us 2 things you have planned for the weekend.

Who is running Chicago this weekend?


  1. I know ya'll going to Maggiano's. Where else you hitting up? How about dessert places? If you can make it a few miles north, look up Molly' Cupcakes. If you have to stay downtown, at the courtyard of the Hancock building is this great little bakery/deli on the north side. Fantastic cookies, gelato, and treats! There is also a solid Belgium bakery called Hendrickx
    Hit me up if you need to bounce off any thoughts!

  2. There are a few places we like to go when we are in Chicago, but mostly limited to downtown. Thanks for the suggestions, we will have to check them out! Still thinking about hitting Lickety Split, mmmmm

  3. HAVE FUN and tell Mike I said GOOD LUCK!! He is going to kill it!! And cheers to good wine :) Please go to Garrett's popcorn for me in Chi-town if you can!!

  4. and of course portillos! Lou malnatis. Chicago Q (Bbq downtownish). What time you going to the xpo?

  5. Think we'll head over to catch the shuttle from Niketown within the next hour or so...

  6. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonOctober 11, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    All of that wine...I would be in heaven!
    2 things...let's see, I'll be running the Chicago marathon . And I get to meet 3 of my fave bloggers!! :) Can't wait to see yall!

  7. I went for a massage last night for my calves. They are super tight right now. They are feeling way better today :)

  8. Glad you've enjoyed your week of vacation!!
    Have fun in Chicago!!!
    This weekend I'm running a 50 mile race (I only have 1 thing).

  9. It always smells so good going by there. I will hope for some samples when we go by as that's quicker than waiting in line to purchase lol I will pass along your good luck to Mike. Thanks!

  10. I should have brought you a bottle!! Those are both great things! We are really looking forward to meeting you also!

  11. Right calves are not fun! I am glad they are feeling better for you today!

  12. You are nuts Kim! Good luck. I hope I can run that far one day.