Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Posted by Anonymous

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Friday night we had tickets to go to the Halloween party at The Magic Kingdom.  I didn't really know what this entailed but hey, Halloween means dressing up and candy right? So can't go wrong with a party for it.


So we got into our get up and headed off to the party.


When we arrived there was definitely a spirit of festivity in the air. All around everyone was dressed up. It is amazing the effort some people put into their costumes. I love to stare people watch and this was some good people watchin.


Trick or treating started at 7pm so we made our way around to the candy spots in between hopping on some rides.


So, this also, was only my 2nd time, ever, trick or treating and apparently I wasn't doing it right. I guess you are supposed to say "Trick or Treat" then "Happy Halloween".  Regardless, my candy bag kept filling up and I think I have enough candy to last till Christmas!


Another great thing about the party was being able to go on the rides. I had not been on rides in many years and that was apparent with all the screaming going on while riding Space Mountain.


After we were done with Trick or Treating, we found a ledge to lean against and waited for the parade to start.
While we were waiting we got a little serenading from these guys.


Then the parade started


I was blown away by all the floats and such detail that goes into every aspect of them.


It was a great party and a great night! I guess you are never too old to go Trick or Treating after all! I had a lot of fun and have some great memories!!

How old were you when you Trick or Treated last?


What is the best Halloween party you have ever been to?


  1. Fun! I love Halloween festivities!!

  2. I'm excited about all of your candy - DOTS are some of my favorites!!!

  3. Me too! Wish I could share some with you! I had never heard of Doys before but sampled them last night and I would have to agree, they were Delish!

  4. Looks like you all had a great time! Love all the pictures!!

  5. That's so fun- can't turn down chance to trick or treat and get candy! And screaming on Space mountain- that is my favorite disney ride from when I was younger (I haven't been there in years!). All these Disney posts make me want to go back!

  6. Thanks Teresa! Def the most fun I have ever had at a Halloween party

  7. It is an addictive place that lures you in.

  8. Um, totally love your shirt!! I can't believe this was only your 2nd time trick or treating. I'm gonna need to inspect the Dot's & taffy for safety mmmkay.

  9. True story!! Oh I inspected them and they were just fine. I can share though.