Friday, June 6, 2014

Today's a big day....

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

I am beyond excited that the weekend is here. In all honesty this week has flown by - work has been insanely busy this week, and I had to work late the last 2 nights - so I am super excited to be heading to the cottage tonight for the weekend for a little R & R (...and maybe a little burn-iture)

Although the week's been crazy I was able to get in some decent workouts this totally counts as cardio right?!? ...just kiddin' (kinda).


I got to aquafit a few times, and got a couple of planks in


I'm looking forward to getting a couple good runs in over the weekend as well.
Monday night, we finally were able to take Mike's sister out for dinner for her bday (not like her bday was back in March or anything). We went to a new-to-Mike-and-I restaurant "Dolcetto". It's a restaurant that we have been talking about trying for awhile now - so this was a good excuse to go!


(Mike's sister and BIL)

Rhoda's sister M actually works there, and although she was not our server - she came over for a little visit, and even made a recommendation for dinner. I went with her suggestion the Chicken Marsala

clip_image006 was sooooo good! I enjoyed every last bite (literally).

Speaking of food - don't forget to celebrate - today is National Donut Day - cheers


What kind of donut are you going to celebrate with today?

Do you like asking servers for their menu recommendations?

One thing your doing this weekend - go!


  1. mmm chicky marsala!! Looks wonderful! Have a great Friday girl!

  2. I ask servers for their opinions all the time - I figure they always know!!!
    Big this weekend - running Hunter's first half marathon with him!!
    Enjoy your cottage time!

  3. I love trying new restaurants- especially for celebrations!

  4. Me too...sometimes, I'll be between 2 items on the menu, so I'll just tell the server to surprise me with one of them

  5. Is it bad to admit, that I love eating out and try restuarants?!?