Monday, June 9, 2014

Biking for Buds

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

We had another nice weekend here in Southwestern Ontario and as usual we spent it up at the cottage.  I decided that it was nice enough on Friday afternoon to ride my bike up, so I hit the road for just over 70km (about 45 miles).  I actually beat my parents up there!


The route I took this time was a bit busier, but more direct.  It was 10K shorter and the roads were nice and smooth (well, the asphalt was smooth…the roads were still hilly).  Most importantly, it was a lot warmer than last time and I was able to cut over half an hour off the trip.  After getting there I felt great, and decided to rehydrate the cottage way.


It didn't take long before my Mum and Dad arrived and Michelle and the kids were up not too much later…another cottage weekend was underway.

It was a pretty relaxing weekend overall, not a whole lot was really planned.  Saturday was beautiful…hot and sunny.  Michelle and I were able to get out and go for a run together.  We did 5K together and she went back to the cottage while I did another 5K on my own.  I also managed another run on Sunday of 12K or so.

We had a couple of great campfires on Friday and Saturday as well…Jackson pigged out on marshmallows and I made Michelle and my Mum happy by finding an old headboard in the rafters of my garage.  Yup, more burn-iture. This will probably be the last burn-iture for a while unless someone has some donations Smile

photo 1

Sunday was cool and gray, but it didn't stop us from getting a walk to the beach in with the kids.  They had fun down there writing their names and drawing in the sand…it always makes me happy seeing them having fun being kids instead of sitting around attached to their iPads or phones.  This is what I remember about being a kid.

photo 2

Tomorrow is a big day as well as it is our 14th anniversary…wow does time fly!  We will celebrate by going to our Masters swim at the Y, trés romantique.  Maybe I'll take her for a drink afterwards, we'll see.  It has been great spending the last 14 years beside my best friend and I can't think of a better way to go through life.  Thanks for 14 fun and wonderful years Michelle

wedding bw

Anniversaries…fancy-pants or just low-key?
We usually go on a mini-vacation, but nothing special this year


  1. I LOVE that photo at the end!! You guys are adorable! Happy Anniversary!!

    Great workouts this weekend too!

  2. hey - first off, happy anniversary in advance!

    second, i should have thought to have stopped to say hi as i was blowing past london this weekend (on my way to windsor). not that you would have been there, but it would have been nice of me to have thought of it ...!

  3. Thanks Chelsea...that's probably my favourite photo ever :)

  4. Thanks Patrick! Hope you had a good time in Windsor, and if you ever do find yourself in London we will definitely need to grab a coffee or a beer!

  5. Heidi @ www.Idlehide.comJune 10, 2014 at 5:36 AM

    love the wedding photo- it's still very classy 14 years later! (You don't see that too often!) It's awesome that you guys get to the cottage so much, makes for good memories! Also- I like the way you rehydrate!

  6. Best way to rehydrate for sure ;)

    I grew up going to my grandparents' cottage and you're can't beat those memories!

  7. Thanks Kim! Low key was just right for us right now...

  8. Great work getting a ride in on way to cabin, good use of time and training! Looks like you had a great weekend, definitely nice to see kids these days not ALWAYS on electronics!

    Love that photo of you and Michelle, happy anniversary!

  9. Ya I love getting those long, productive rides in. Agreed, it is great seeing kids being kids!