Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Suit Up - Jackson Style

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

So the other night Michelle and I went in to Jackson's room to say goodnight to him.  He had gone to bed a couple hours earlier and because it's getting hotter in these parts and I'm too cheap to turn on the A/C I like to have the windows open to get fresh air, he was just sleeping in his underwear.  Except he wasn't.  When Michelle walked in his room he was lying on the floor...with his suit on.  Maybe he had been watching too much How I Met Your Mother?


He didn't quite get the whole suit concept though, as he was wearing a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt with it.  We got him out of his suit and back in bed, but when I got up in the morning he was back at it.  No quit in this little stud.

photo 3

While Michelle and my Mum were away in Niagara Falls for their race (congrats to both of you by the way, and Rhoda as well!), we had another great weekend up at the cottage.  I managed to get three runs in over the weekend down on the beach.  The beach is a great place to run...with softer footing you really need to work hard, and you always seem to be running with the wind in your face.  Man was it hot though!  You know it's hot when you can't keep your eyes open because they are stinging from all your sweat.  We really have been hit with the humidity lately...we went right from the dead of winter to the heat of summer.  Not complaining though!  I mentioned three runs in two days, and that's because Kennedy had asked me to go for a run with her on Sunday could I say no?  So we set out to get in a couple of miles despite the heat.  It was really tough for her and I could see how much the heat was affecting her.  I asked a couple times if she wanted to stop or walk, but she pushed on.  I decided to call it a day when we were around the corner from home as I really was getting worried about her...her breathing seemed laboured and she wasn't looking great.  I told her the lesson was that it is okay to stop and take it easy if you aren't feeling never want to make yourself sick or hurt yourself.  A trip for ice cream made her feel better of course!

photo 1

We continued the burn-iture tradition this weekend too...our reputation is spreading as one of the neighbours brought up an old chair from their place in the city for us to put on the fire.  Michelle and my Mum were jealous when I sent them the picture.

photo 2

I've also been on a bit of a run streak lately...I've gone out the last five days in a row and have been feeling really good.  I have even been able to keep up a good pace right around 4:30/km (about 7:10/mile) despite the heat and humidity and even turned out a 44 minute 10K yesterday at lunch running on tired legs.  Those tired legs sure caught up with me at last night's Masters Swim though, as Coach Ashleigh kicked our butts with, well...kicks.  So many kick drills!  By the end of the session I was getting some serious calf cramps, something I haven't had for a couple years.  Not fun.  We'll see how things feel this evening though as I'll be out at Lake Whittaker for our first Splash N Dash night (as last week's was postponed).  Open-water, here I come!

Hope everyone has a great day and has a chance to get out and enjoy themselves!

How do you survive running in the hot weather?


  1. Omg that is so cute about Jackson! Love that you ran with Kennedy, but it was so good you reminded her about not pushing to point of getting sick or hurt- such an important lesson! Nice run streak and speedy runs lately. The heat has been rough, humidity is the worst. I have been doing a lot more early morning or later evening runs trying to make it easier but it's been staying warm round the clock so even that doesn't always help!

  2. That is hilarious about the suit and Jackson!!
    Glad that Kennedy has 2 running parents who teach her not only to love running but also to be smart about it!!!

  3. OMG Jackson is so cute!! Love it!! The heat and humidity are back and I promise not to complain considering the winter we had, but gosh it makes running outside tough! Good job on getting those runs in.

  4. Jackson is such a cutie!! Way to rock that running streak Mike!

  5. I've been smart enough to either run at noon or 4:00-ish...heat fail.
    While it's important for Kennedy to be active, she needs to know that her well-being trumps getting a run in. I may not always make the smartest choices for myself but I'll be damned if my kids will hurt themselves for no reason!

  6. Oh he has us cracking up on a daily basis, but I'm sure it's the same around your house with two boys!

  7. No complaining! That winter is still fresh in my mind

  8. Thanks Chelsea, a good run streak always feels great