Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Great Minds…Think Alike

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Happy Hump Day friends!!!

As planned, I was able to get out for a couple great runs over the weekend. Saturday was a nice treat – as I got to get out for a run with Mike (we rarely get to run together…partly due to our schedules, and partly due to the fact that when he “runs” with me…it’s more like a stroll for him).


After we cleaned up…we headed into town to run a few errands, and while we were there we stopped at the grocery store…I wasn’t planning on picking something up for dessert (we really don’t eat dessert after meals, unless it’s a special occasion or something)…but when I saw this…I just could not say no…decision made – we were eating dessert Saturday night…so I guess you could say that “Saturday” was the special occasion…lol


They were cupcake “burger sliders”. The cupcakes were cut in ½ , and in the middle was icing for the burger and condiments…and of course they were served with “fries & gravy" on the side (aka cut pieces of cake and caramel sauce)…if you come visit me…I’ll pick this up again for us to share Smile with tongue out

Sunday I headed out for a run with my MIL, we had plans to do 3 – 5K loops…but that plan, for me anyways was foiled after 6k…I ended up chaffing the top of one of my moles off, and it would not stop bleeding…so I was done…but happy that I was able to get out! So I am trying to let that heal, so this week has been a week in the pool for me…between laps and aquafit, I have been in the pool everyday this week. Speaking of the pool…so yesterday – as ya’ll know was Mike’s and my anniversary….look at this shweet present he bought me #not


…that’s right a swim cap…the one and only thing I asked him not to buy me…BUT he made up for it, with the other gift he bought me.

As Mike mentioned the other day, we typically go away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary…which means that we don’t buy each other gifts (since we would rather travel then spend $ on “just stuff”). Since we decided to not go away this year, we knew we needed to get each other a little something…and as it turns out…we both bought each other the same thing


…I guess after all these years together…great minds just think alike

Best present you have ever received? Worst?

Anyone else have running/mole issues…any “solution” ideas for me?!?!


  1. Ouchy to that chafing...sounds painful! I always chafe in the oddest places...chafed on my chest after running 10 miles on Sunday and for the life of me could not recall how since I wasn't wearing anything scratchy...LOL

    Those cupcakes are interesting too! I think I'm going to have to put coming to visit you guys on my bucket list so we can all run a race together!

  2. Yeah...we would love should come run the Niagara Falls Women's 1/2 marathon with us next June!!!

  3. I will likely take you up on that offer!

  4. Love that you 2 think so much alike! Chaffing is the worst, I tend to get it most under my arms but well theres always that fun thigh chaffing....ughhhh. Thank goodness for body glide and LOTS of it.

  5. Ugh to the mole and bleeding - hope it is feeling better!
    You rock that swim cap!!!
    So funny that y'all got each other the same things - had you talked about watches?!

  6. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonJune 12, 2014 at 1:04 PM

    Those cupcakes are so neat looking! They look yummy too!
    That's awesome that y'all got each other watches!

    I got BAD chaffing on my last half. That's one of the worst pains ever. Hope yours is getting better.
    And you look cute in that swim cap! ;)

  7. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comJune 12, 2014 at 2:44 PM

    HAHA OMG that's too funny/adorable that you guys got each other watches that are the same brand!! Those cupcakes are adorable and I will be visiting you next week ;) Sorry about your chafing! That sounds awful! Happy belated anniversary <3

  8. That is so sweet you got each other the same gift! Love it. Pretty watches too:) Thankfully I have not had to deal with chafing too much. Hope its feeling better! There is nothing worse than having something irritate you while running....